EP BPM algorithm beatgridding analysis and file management start to hold your own please!

Dear Denon I just wanted to know why there is no mention regarding any beatgrid/BPM algorithm corrective fix etc proposed in your up and coming beta test trials notes? And is your file sync/management test trial going to alleviate all reliance on other workflow hoop jumping methods and EP start showing us that it is capable in holding its own as best in class at the forefront leading DJ performance software utility and moving forward out of this stagnated beta phase? The guys at Inmusic mentioned the “excellent results” they were getting with the algorithm/gridding so even demonstrating to us a snippet of that work would inspire I believe at the present moment.

Just wait and see, like the rest of us.

When ever it’s ready for either a public release or a public beta, they will tell us. I really enjoyed the public beta for streaming tidal

Tidal is good but would be better if you can purchase music over wifi via your SC5000M and directly save it to your connected USB drive!

Unfortunately, purchased music from Tidal is available to download only on PC, via an one-time-use link.

They are in competition and with Apple /Music app purchases I guess?

Tidal purchasing protocol is not the most convenient way of purchasing music. In my opinion, as long as I pay money for the right to download a track, I should be able to download it on any storage device I choose. But, to each his own. There are other alternatives available out there to download music legally.