EP 1.3.2 Does Not Import ITunes Music In Order / Date Ordering Not Working

Engine Prime 1.3.2 Public Build

Windows 10 / Version 1903 / Build 18362.388

ITunes Version

  1. Open EP
  2. Update ITunes Library
  3. Import Music From Itunes DB to EP
  4. Date Ordering In EP When Descending The Order Is Not Correct
  5. Date Ordering In EP When Ascending The Order Is Correct

When importing the ITunes DB into EP the files are not kept in order as the original ITunes DB


We don’t experience this in house, both with MacOS & Windows 10.

I would suggest that you try rebuilding your iTunes library.xml file to see if that resolves your issue.


It doesn’t matterhow many time I rebuild the ITunes XML file it still does not import correctly into EP. When viewing the ITunes DB in EP it is in order but once imported EP does not take the chronological order of the tracks. Numerous screenshots have shown this.

I would install public 1.3.3 and try again.

Yep. Have installed 1.3.3. BETA 1 and full Public version and still not working.

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With iTunes about to disappear anyway, does this matter too much in the long term? Or are you trying to do one last big export out of iTunes because of its impending demise?

ITunes isn’t disappearing from the Windows platform, it’s just being split out on the Mac OS.

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