Envoi Pro PA not charging

Hi - I’m new to this forum and am seeking a little help. I have an Envoi Pro that my wife uses for children parties. The system is refusing to charge. Works fine off the cable but doesn’t charge and turns off when I switch wall plug off. I’m not 100% sure i’m using the right cable (i have a whole host of kettle cables). The one i’m using is has a 5amp, is this right? Does it need to be a higher amp fuse in the plug to charge the unit?

Want to rule out the cable before moving onto the unit. Anyone got a Envoi pro that hols charge that could confirm the size of the fuse in the plug. (Incidentally, the plug says 13amp but has a 5 amp fuse in it!?!)

Hi there, whilst this forum is mainly for Denon DJ (division) products, we obviously communicate with the other Denon divisions.

Denon Pro, who look after the Envoi portable PA system believe that it’s most likely to be the battery in your particular Envoi Pro which may need replacing. (but could possibly be part of the charging system/battery connector etc)

If it was purchased in the UK The Envoi Pro has a 2 year warranty, which would include the battery in most cases. Please contact your retailer or Denon Pro service to check whether you’d need to send the whole unit back, or just the battery.