ENJINN - Library Management Tool for Windows & macOS - Create smart playlists, relocate your tracks


A library management tool for Denon Engine PRIME :headphones:

I’ve been seeing a lot of people (myself included) asking for features like smart playlists for a while now, so I decided to do something about it. I hope it saves y’all some time and stress <3

:open_book: Documentation

:star2: Features

  • Smart playlists
    • Generate playlists based off of easily configurable rules
    • Filter tracks based on album, bpm, file type, and more
    • Use different operators to filter attributes including Regex
    • Logically group filters with and & or
    • Smart playlist definition example
  • Library relocation
    • Relocate missing tracks
    • Provide a folder to search for tracks in
  • Automatically backs up library before running
  • Supports Engine 1.6
  • Cross platform
    • Windows & macOS
    • macOS is untested. The code is written to be compatible, but I don’t have a mac to test on. If you have a mac, please let me know if everything works properly.

If there’s a feature you’d like added that would be useful to you, please open a feature request!

:rocket: Installation

Requires NodeJS v14+
Standalone version coming soon

$ npm install -g enjinn
$ enjinn


$ npm install -g enjinn@latest

ENJINN will notify you when an update is available.


Dope. Thank you. :slight_smile:

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Wow. Can’t wait for standalone version. Good job man!

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Denon should pay you for this and incorporate its functionality into Engine for windows and Mac

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Thanks for that!

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Just published v1.1.0 with support for numeric filters like bpm. It will also automatically notify you of updates when you run it now.

Once you’re on the new version, you’ll be able to update with:

$ npm install -g enjinn@latest

Edit: Another one

v1.1.1 has prettier output

Edit 2: The enjinn update command doesn’t work for the npm version, only the standalone version (which is almost done). Use the npm install command to update instead.

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Good job, i too, coded a tool for managing the PRIME db. Clearly Denon would benefit greatly from interoperability with other software.

Yesterday, I was looking at Music Bee to figure out if a plugin "export to denon database would make sense.

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Very cool. Are you still working on it? I just looked through your code but I am not good at Go so the structure was pretty foreign to me.

Hi. this is great but how do i install it please? im no coder :frowning: thanks


Ye I’m in the same boat!

What OS are you on?

Download NodeJS from the link in the post, then open a command prompt or terminal and type the command listed below the NodeJS link.

On windows, to open a command prompt, press windows key + R, then type cmd and hit enter.

On Mac, press command + space, then type “terminal”.

I’ll be releasing a standalone version with an installer soon.

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Pretty sad a multi million dollar company are so slow at developing that a randomm coder has to step in and fill the gaps.

Can you imagine buying a car and then finding out the brakes might work in a month and the sat nav might get developed at some point in the future?

Why do companies get away with this? People buy products to work today not at some point in the future if ever …


There was no point that the product didn’t do what it said on the tin. Denon has done way more to fulfill feature request and provide regular updates for free since the players were released. Whereas the current competition would force you to purchase a new player for new features. :wink:


Check out the feature request section- dozens of basic features are still missing, especially within the software.

To be fair, these features were never advertised, however laughable it might be that they aren’t included.

But yeah, welcome to the world of software. Companies cater to shareholders. They’ve been putting most of their resources into SoundSwitch it seems because that helps sell more product than smart playlists. I’ve also read that only a third of the actual team is developers, but that’s unverified so take that with a grain of salt.

Although when you consider the fact that this only took me a week and that includes figuring out their database structure in the first place, yeah kind of silly. These aren’t very complex features. And when Denon does eventually implement smart playlists, I imagine that ENJINN’s implementation will still be more capable in terms of filtering.


thanks. im on Win10. the CMD prompt is the black window yes, i then copy n paste that code into that.

just asking…do you know how far away you are from the stand alone?

thanks again Dave

Great approach- I’m curious about the standalone version for Mac- The operation via the command line is not my thing.

Not an expert on nodejs packaging, but this would be a start.

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The standalone version will still need to be run from the command line, but it comes with an installer and doesn’t need NodeJS. I’m updating the docs to make it as easy to use as possible even if you’ve never used the command line.

Yes, CMD is the black window.

I’m almost done with the standalone version. I’m hoping to make it available later today.

Thanks, I actually already tried out pkg but opted for a different approach instead. Pkg creates a single binary, so you’d have to add it to your PATH manually, and auto updates wouldn’t be possible. I opted for oclif-dev which can bundle an actual installer. The issue has been that the sqlite driver is a native dependency so I have to jump through a few hoops to make it all work.

Ok, there will never be a graphical interface like a „Classic „ App? We‘ve had to use always the command line right?