EngineOS Column Selection?

I have not received my SC6000’s yet, but I have a question about columns in EngineOS playlists/crates. For example in Engine Prime, I use the Composer field to put featured artists from the song to keep the Artist and Title fields short and clean.

So my question is this. Am I able to select from the same columns available in Engine Prime in EngineOS–which in this case would be the Composer field?

That’s a very odd and specific workflow so no.

The Artist search on EngineOS pulls from the Artist tag (unsuprisingly). There is no specific search for the Composer tag.

I have the artist tag populated already so I am all good there. Was just wondering why have all the standard ID3 tags that can be used in Engine Prime but not in Engine OS. It’s a workflow I have used via iTunes pre-DJing days.

I wonder if there is a script or software that I can use to to take the info from the Composer tag and amend it to the title tag. Know of anything like that?

Talk to Christian at Rekordcloud.

Maybe Rekordcloud can

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Ah Good idea. I read on another post that he may be working implementing Prime into it. Have you heard anything about that?

No i know that apart from library conversion, rekordcloud also has an interesting library-tag management feature as well.

He may be able to write An Advanced Smart Fix template for your purpose, if you use any of the currently supported DJ programs beside EP.

Second screen shot shows some of the stock ones.

Merge Fields or Suffix Field may do the trick. I’ll try it out and see. Thanks.

EDIT: @mufasa He emailed me back and said that he would create something for me to address the problem. Thanks again!

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