Engine - some tracks playing without waveform and cue points

I just noticed a handful of tracks don’t load their waveforms and cue points in the engine software. Rebooted my computer and it didn’t help. Any way to fix this? The songs play and the tracks show up in the playlist library but they play without a waveform and the cue points don’t load.

Other tracks load perfectly fine. Running the latest 1.6.0 on a Mac.

Thanks in advance.

Did you try removing them from engine collection and adding them back

I just tried and it and the same thing is happening, but now it seems to be happening to most if not all of my tracks.

Same here, running latest 1.6 on OSX Big Sur. Re-Analyze did not help. Tempo is also completely fucked up…

The database may be borked. Back up your database by renaming the Engino folder and test with a fresh library

I used for some time a beta version of Engine Prime, I’m wondering if the tracks imported with that version are the ones which are not loaded properly…

It will work, but that’s not an option to me, as my library contains thousands of tracks… I will re-import items when I will have enough free time…

Okay. Waveforms not showing maybe a symptom of a bigger issues to come.

You can always rename the backed up database back to original.

So it seems that some tracks load instantly, others: you see the waveform build in from left to right and finally the issue im calling out is the waveform never loads, also the cue points don’t load.

Trying to fix the situation without having to re-build my library but I will if I have to.

same here, exactly as described above , tried uninstalling , and re-installing, did not work. solution for me was to roll back to 1.5 , no problems there i am still on osx 10.11

I wound up deleting my library and starting over…