engine software

i’m currently having some issues with engine software. i imported my entire serato library in engine. i can’t drag all of my serato folders to my hard drive. i’m using a 1 tb seagate hd. i also have it formatted to fat32. it seems like the software has limitations with fat 32

Fat32 is the limitating factor here not engine prime. Use ExFAT with large librarys.

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Fat32 allows for files maximum size of 4GB, if Your data base is bigger, than You need to use exFAT

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When you say you can’t drag your serato crates to the seagate, have you dragged the serato crates to Engine Prime collection?

  • Step 1. Update Serato library in EP
  • Step 2. Drag EACH crate from the Serato Tab to the Engine Collection tab. You can also use right click to import as crate or use playlist
  • Step 3. Now you can drag those crates to your prime drive or use sync manager