engine software transfer to USB for MCX8000

ok i got my flash drive all set up with transferring my serato playlist, i went into the engine settings and activated MCX8000. now how in the work i get them to transfer in alphabetical order or the A-Z listing?

Not really sure what you’re asking here. Once the files are transferred and you load them in the MCX8000 the lists by artist or track will be in alphabetical order by default.

For some reason it’s Not doing it in alphabetical order

Can you please give more details. Where is it “not doing it”?

I notice when I import my serato to engine software it’s perfect, everything plays its fine. When I transfer to my usb 2 things 1 one of my folders is all red I mean 900 something tracks it’s in its original folder on my hard drive, 2 when I do have folders on my flash drive and put it in the MCX 8000 I was under the impression when I click on crates, then open up the crate it supposed to be in alphabetical order with song, title and BPM. It’s only in alphabetical order when I go to artists and click on the artist and the songs then pop up! I like to see song, artist and BPM, and only I see that if I click on the BPM option on the flash drive I’m the MCX 8000