Engine software be able to Read / Convert and update from Rekord BOX prepped USB

Would love Engine software to be able to directly read and convert (like the Prime players do and then analyse Rekord Box created USB’s and then finally be able to sync the hot cues etc to the main Engine library


Once the initial record box import is done in the software to be able to resync an updated rekord box xml so any changes to existing tracks (such as added hotcues in RB) are also synced to the engine library

basically you’re saying “can engine be rekordbox please”?

There’s 3rd party software (I have no affiliation I just use it) called Denon conversion utility that basically does this.

More just getting the Engine software to to what the SC5000’s do already… convert the RB play list and then analyse it all in the Engine software… once thats done I have the best of both worlds on the same USB stick that can be used on CDJ’s and Denon (without having to analyse on the players)

I’m not going to convert my historic performance rekordbox library with all its hot cues and loops et et until Engine Prime can do it. Engines writers will know how to do it exactly and in a future proof way. I don’t want to convert it all with someone else’s program or app only to find that those files won’t work with some new feature that the denon DJ writers add to Engine Prime in a few months or years. Denon writers would know about those things.

Any way now that engine prime has Sync manager, when I load a rekordbox track onto my prime decks, it changes thAt tracks data to engine prime and I can sync that track back to the main collection. When sync manager goes live instead of beta then No-one would need to buy separate converting tools.