Engine Prime Won't Analyse My Tracks Anymore

So E.P has been working quite well for me up until today. I purchased a new 500gb SSD & added a lot more of my music on it than what I had on my previous drive. Now suddenly if I highlight (a group or even just one) tracks, right click, then select analyse, it doesn’t do anything. If I select “re-analyse” an older previously analysed track, it also doesn’t do anything, but it deletes the grid for that track!! If I then load that track onto a deck, I see it rebuild a waveform again. This is driving me crazy, I can’t manually load thousands of tracks one by one, in order to set a grid. I tried deleting the EP app & all of it’s corresponding files & folders. Then re-installed it again, but this hasn’t helped. It still does the same thing. Can anyone advise me on this problem please.

Are you on MS Windows or Mac?

Have you tried testing this without your new HDD involved? (unplug new drive, select a track from your computer and try to analyze it in EP)

What format and settings did you choose when you formatted your new drive (if you did)?

Hi Shain. Thanks for the reply. I’m on a mac. I format the new ssd to Fat32 MBR. I don’t put any music from my computer into the EP collection. I have all my music on the external & pull it directly from the ssd into the EP collection. It was working, I had imported & analysed about 60% of my music. Then I noticed that the “job window” wasn’t active. when I opened it up, it had nothing running. I selected all the un-analysed tracks, right clicked & selected analyse - nothing happened. I tried using an older drive, the same thing occurs.

Hi Craig,

That is certainly strange. You mentioned you reinstalled so I am assuming you’re on the latest version. Sorry I can’t help any further. Try contacting support so someone can be on the phone with you to troubleshoot perhaps.

Will do, thanks for trying to help. I appreciate it.

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My pleasure; good luck.

Hi @crazycraig, sorry to hear this and yes does sound like you need to speak to the support team. Please contact them here: https://www.denondj.com/support

regards J

Hi Jay_DenonDJ. So I never contacted support due to the fact that I actually discovered the issue. The problem… Fat32 file size limitation!! Fat has an individual file size limit of 4gb. Now… According to the MCX8000 manual, the unit itself can handle 100000 files on a Fat formatted usb drive (Thats great!!). Something that Denon seem to have overlooked however, is the size of the “p.db” database file that Engine Prime creates when analysing and storing the info of your collection. After about 30K worth of songs (roughly 60% of my collection) the p.db file hits the 4gb limit & Engine no longer analyses any of my tracks!! This is a HUUUUUUUUUGE problem, one that I honestly thought Denon would’ve taken into consideration when developing a software like EP. What’s rather concerning is that this hasn’t even been brought up by Denon. This is something that customers NEED to know. Basically even though the 8000 can handle over 100K worth of files, the library database can only handle ±30K. Any music that isn’t analysed, EP refuses to add to the database. Meaning you end up with a huge amount of music that you can’t even search through. This is really something that needs to be addressed. Im so disappointed, I feel like I just wasted my money on a 500gb SSD, coz I can’t utilise all the space anyway. Perhaps EP can create a p.db1 & p.db2 etc… for larger collections? Jay - Please let me know if there’s anything that can be done about this issue. Thanks in advance.

Hi @crazycraig, Thank you for explaining the problem. Yes the limit of Fat32 will be a problem in this scenario so I’d recommend formatting in exFat instead and this should fix the problem.

Keep us posted how this goes.

Thanks Jay

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Hi Jay. Im using an Mcx8000, so I can’t use the exfat format.

If it were me, I’d simply be splitting the database.

I’d organise my music between two drives - like maybe all my genres that start with the letter A to M on one drive and all the genres N to Z on a second drive.

Or have less uses genres on a separate drive altogether, coz I ain’t playing any of my 1000+ Christmas holiday tunes in June ! (And I ain’t playing dnb/jungle between Jan and Dec :slight_smile:

Hi @crazycraig - checking with dev team and will get back to you ASAP.

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I’m glad I could help you understand the issue.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Hi @crazycraig, I’m afraid there is no quick resolution to this but I can assure you the development team are aware and reviewing potential options.

In the meantime the workaround options users have suggested are the best way forward.

I’ll keep you posted when I hear of any developments.

Regards Jay

MixmasterG who created the Denon Conversion Utility is actually the one who pointed this issue out to me. But… thanks for the support.

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