Engine Prime With Usb Drive


Just wondering on how to analyse files on an external Hdd that are already there, 400gb of music, can’t transfer all of that back onto pc, to transfer back on to the Hdd that will take weeks


Just leave it on the disk and analyze with Engine Prime.


But no music shows up in prime on the external hard drive


Okay, the short version:

  • On the left side under the search bar there is a picture of a file folder.
  • That opens a raw directory tree of files.
  • Find the files you want to analyse, highlight them, right click, select analyse.
  • Boom! Now they’ll be in your collection under devices.

But before you do too much I would strongly suggest you read the manual to get an overview of how the software works. You need to learn your way around to get full use out of it.


how is the external HDD formatted? it must be FAT32 or exFAT if a different format was used then there is only 1 solution copy the files over to another drive that is formatted correctly.

Hope both dirves then are USB3 as then it still goes relative quickly.