Engine prime with mp4 and mp3

Hi everybody. I work with mp3 and mp4 formats. every time I want to renew a folder or push a completely new folder to my hard drive, it confuses my mp3 and mp4 formats with the software. the software simply renames my songs, but plays the original songs… it is not possible to make an event if I do not know which song is actually behind the name. besides, I would like to pack my mp3 and mp4 formats into two distinct folders, but engine prime mixes everything through. can someone help me? I’m totally desperate.

i’m from Germany, i hope you understand my english

try sorting by file type, I have mp4 (music videos) as well

Cant help with this one, but you can try rebuilding the database.

These reports of replaced names to actual files is now becoming worrying.

I wonder if there is a common denominator - itunes - apple music migration?

Thank you very much for your quick help… I’m also really totally exhausted. I’ve been fighting for three days and three nights to make my hard drive completely new and not work. I would like to have the formats separated on my controller, depending on the event I only need mp3 or mp4 and the folders are all mixed. and on top of that comes the renaming of the songs, no matter which version of engine I work with.

This will take a bit of manual work separating the files into MP4 and Mp3

I haven’t found any simple method yet as well. My crates are mixed from serato eg my Urban 2020 will contain both mp3 and mp4, as i use both interchangeably.

Are you using itunes/apple music?

What software are you coming from?

have you tried rebuilding the ENGINE database? will that be a viable option?

ENGINE LIBRARY folder (in Music folder internal drive) and Any external drive you use contains the database

To rebuild simply rename or permanently delete these and start from zero again.