Engine Prime - Win 7?

Is anyone using Engine Prime 1.1 on a Win 7 machine? I thought I’d try the new update out (as was using Rekordbox) but got an error on launch saying “is incompatable with Engine Hardware. Reformat the drive in FAT32 or ExFat to use

It doesn’t actually tell me what is incompatible tho?? If i click the error message a few times, it goes away and Prime loads up ok but when i add any mp3’s, the play back is really choppy and stutters a lot.

PC is an i7-3770k @ 3.5ghz 16GB Ram Win 7/ 64bit.

Hi Matt

Unfortunately Windows 7 simply wont run Engine Prime smoothly.

The minimum requirement for Engine Prime, on a Windows Operating system is Windows 8.1 64bit or Windows 10 64bit.

From the other specs that you posted above however, it seems that hardware wise at least, and operating system aside, you’re good to go as the hardware minimum specs for Engine Prime are:

Processor: i5 2.0Ghz or faster Memory: 4 Gb RAM or more Video Card: Intel HD Graphics or better Sound Interface: DirectX Compatible interface Free space: 150 Mb available for application

So what are we supposed to do if we don’t work on Windows 8 or 10 in order to prepare our music files for use with Engine standalone?

Upgrade your OS unfortunately.

Prime is relatively new software and has never been available for Windows 7 or other legacy operating systems.