Engine prime what would you like


Thinking about the music management software EP wouldn’t it be a good idea to incorporate a format drive software into EP thus taking out the guess work into how, what and when a usb/sd/harddrive should be formatted. The other thing I don’t see is multiple tagging to rename groups of files like you can in iTunes, such as genre or album. Any other ideas ?



I’d go for that idea for sure. Yes

I’m not so keen on the formatting option , unless it had about 10 of the { Are you sure ? } pop up questions



Why 10 confirms don’t you trust yourself lol



Mobile phones allow formatting of SD cards and don’t ask 10 times. If you override the first ptompt saying all data will be erased then you’re an idiot basically.

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Ha me? No, I don’t trust myself. Maybe 10 times is over the top but I think if format drive ever came in as a feature I would like it to give a {are you sure?} and then a warning about how many files will be destroyed by the format, and actually ask me to type in the drive name or volume name to confirm the format operation - anything more than just clicking {ok} to format it

That’s just me though … or is it ? :woman_facepalming:t2:



It is enough to take the time to read the manuals and specifications to know very well your equipment. Whenever you want to know if a storage device requires a format procedure it is enough to run a test over it using a dedicated software for managing storage devices. Sometimes, when someone encounters speed issues with the storage device, this could be related to multiple writing operations when updating the database, which could lead to a high degree of file fragmentation onto the storage drive, hindering its performance. Whenever one updates the target database on a regular basis it is a good practice to remember to run a defragmentation task on the files before using it with the audio equipment. If your asking about database integrity checking, well, this is a good ideea to be implemented into Engine Prime capabilities, in order to scan and verify the database integrity both on the PC drive and on to the target storage drive.



Hi all

It would be nice if you could import the smart lists of serato, since itunes can be done, another interesting point would be that the controller recognized to work on it and not have to use serato at least in the basics