Engine prime what would you like

Thinking about the music management software EP wouldn’t it be a good idea to incorporate a format drive software into EP thus taking out the guess work into how, what and when a usb/sd/harddrive should be formatted. The other thing I don’t see is multiple tagging to rename groups of files like you can in iTunes, such as genre or album. Any other ideas ?

I’d go for that idea for sure. Yes

I’m not so keen on the formatting option , unless it had about 10 of the { Are you sure ? } pop up questions

Why 10 confirms don’t you trust yourself lol

Mobile phones allow formatting of SD cards and don’t ask 10 times. If you override the first ptompt saying all data will be erased then you’re an idiot basically.

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Ha me? No, I don’t trust myself. Maybe 10 times is over the top but I think if format drive ever came in as a feature I would like it to give a {are you sure?} and then a warning about how many files will be destroyed by the format, and actually ask me to type in the drive name or volume name to confirm the format operation - anything more than just clicking {ok} to format it

That’s just me though … or is it ? :woman_facepalming:t2:

It is enough to take the time to read the manuals and specifications to know very well your equipment. Whenever you want to know if a storage device requires a format procedure it is enough to run a test over it using a dedicated software for managing storage devices. Sometimes, when someone encounters speed issues with the storage device, this could be related to multiple writing operations when updating the database, which could lead to a high degree of file fragmentation onto the storage drive, hindering its performance. Whenever one updates the target database on a regular basis it is a good practice to remember to run a defragmentation task on the files before using it with the audio equipment. If your asking about database integrity checking, well, this is a good ideea to be implemented into Engine Prime capabilities, in order to scan and verify the database integrity both on the PC drive and on to the target storage drive.

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It would be nice if you could import the smart lists of serato, since itunes can be done, another interesting point would be that the controller recognized to work on it and not have to use serato at least in the basics


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Not sure what you mean by groups. Programs don’t typically get the genre tagging correct, I usually make my own crates for each genre and put tracks in them. And it tells you at startup if a drive is an incompatible format and what it has to be, shouldn’t be too difficult to format the drive correctly and use it then not have to ever worry about it again.

COLOR CODE TRACKS It would be great to see the ability to color code tracks inside a playlist or crate (like Serato). Before or during a performance this can help me tag, sort and visually identify tracks that I want to work with or categorize to play next or classify on the fly without dragging out to a new crate or playlist.

As you duplicate mentioned in your other post ?

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best solution for on the fly management is to throw tracks over to the preparation crate, but color coding would be really handy, would almost eliminate the need for a prep crate.

I’d like to see Engine do a few things:

  1. Import from Rekordbox (incorporate the algorithm from the SC5000 that loads Rekordbox tracks & cue points.
  2. Give the ability to fine tune the beat grid, and select half or double-time grids, and make that fluid in a song. For example, if I have a track that is 70 BPM that double times to 140 Jersey bounce, I’d like to be able to have varying BPM within the song.
  3. Create a dynamic analyzation tool, so rollercoaster songs that roll from 128, to 100, to 128 again can be accurately analyzed.

#2 already exists in EP and on the Prime units.

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It would be nice if engine could import from Virtual DJ, import the smart lists of serato (and comment it previously) and be able to create their own smart lists


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A way to add all crates structure from donor program eg Serato to Engine Prime collection will be nice.


I’m talking more about the ability to fine tune it dynamically. I’ve been able to adjust them, but I’ve never been able to make a single track start at 70 BPM, and then edit the second part of the beat grid to 140 BPM if it doubles time in the same track. If it can be done, awesome, I’ll just have to figure it out.

Thank you all for these suggestions and I’m happy to confirm some of these are included in the net Engine Prime update coming very soon!

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Hello I would like to leave here the links to the suggestions I have made to engine prime lately in the forums and some of the problems that I have with the quizas are already solved but just to be sure that the message arrived

thanks @Jay_DenonDJ for answering some of these messages from me



Feature request to allow fixing wrong BPM fast even without knowing the true BPM Value


  2. Hold Shift (or another modifier) and the + or - button to adjust the bpm value in larger values eg as a whole digit rather than going in .001 values

  3. When one is close to the desired BPM as will be evidenced by the grids lining up with the downbeats, then releasing SHIFT and just using the + or - for finer adjustment

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Denon DJ… THANK YOU for incorporating Rekordbox!!! I’m excited to have an easier way to import my music, and then export it to play on SC5000s.

Now that we’re “in” Rekordbox, I believe you’ll win A LOT of favor of RB users if you incorporate the algorithm your SC5000s use to work with Thumb Drives…

Here’s what I would like to do… Insert my Rekordbox thumb drive into my laptop. Import my Rekordbox Playlists into Engine, analyze them in Engine, then re-sync the USB. I’d like Engine to add its metadata to the original files on the thumb drive, so I now have a dual compatible thumb drive.

It works well if I analyze on the SC5000, then put it into Engine, Import it, then Sync again… I’m just looking to eliminate the middleware of the SC5000 and do it all inside Engine.

Edit to add note: I’m aware that the SC5000 imports the RB playlists, but it doesn’t analyze until you load the track… I’d like to import RB from the thumb & analyze in Engine, then put it into the SC5000.