Engine PRIME v1.6 Public Beta Download & Release Notes

Hi Everyone,

Our teams have been working hard on the next releases of Engine PRIME and Engine OS which include some truly outstanding features and new abilities. A few of these features have been requested by our community so we wanted to give you an early look to get your thoughts and feedback. We hope you enjoy these new additions and look forward to hearing what you think!

Here are the highlights of this Engine PRIME beta release.

New Features


  • Fixed a bug where track analysis data changes (beatgrid/BPM, Grid dot state & beatgrid lock state) on external drives would not sync back to the local collection
  • Fixed a bug which could cause the application to take a long time to close if an export is in progress
  • Fixed a bug where ‘esc’ & ‘enter’ key don’t work as expected when batch editing tracks
  • Fixed a bug where a track is not reloaded at the cue position
  • Stability improvements

Important: Please note that this is a beta release which is still undergoing final testing and development before official release. Features and functionality within this release are subject to change before official release. As with any beta, be sure to CREATE A BACKUP of your collection on both your main computer and any media device prior to testing. All feedback should be reported in the Defects & Issues section of this forum category and not on social media channels.

Beta Known Issues


  • Crash that can occur after setting a cue point on a corrupt database
  • Crash/Hang that can occur when attempting to recover a corrupt database
  • Crash that can occur after connecting a corrupt database
  • Crash that can occur when repeatedly unplugging and replugging target devices
  • Crash that can occur when repeatedly turning dropbox on/off
  • Crash that can occur in offline analyzer
  • Crash that can occur during sync manager export

Library issues:

  • Track analysis data is not synced back to local collection from target devices
  • Re-exporting analyzed / beatgrid locked tracks does not update preview waveform or lock beatgrid state on the target device
  • Tracks added to an internal Playlist from an external source do not show a preview waveform when auto-analysis is on
  • Slow scrolling in external libraries
  • Album artwork larger than 500x500 can not be imported from third party libraries

Beat Grid / BPM issues:

  • BPM shown in beat grid edit area does not display the BPM of the section where the playhead is set
  • Temp cue can be nudged with grid nudge controls
  • All Beat Grid controls can be edited to the left of Anchors

Dropbox Issues:

  • If a Dropbox target drive runs out of disk space after a packing job has started, packing will fail and no error message is presented
  • Dropbox drive preferences button missing in Device panel
  • Dropbox drives will continue to show in Device panel and Sync Manager if Dropbox location is set to a non-default location
  • If Dropbox has been installed but the application is closed and Dropbox folder is unable to be found, Engine Prime still allows Dropbox to be switched ON

Other known issues

  • Clicking Eject drive does not always safely close all connections to external device dbs and remove device from the device panel
  • Engine Prime may incorrectly present a drive ejection message for the local hard drive
  • Opening Engine Prime with a corrupt database will result in Error code 50
  • Mouse cursor may disappear when drag n drop packing on windows
  • Audio playback can leave an active loop when quickly navigating between active loops

Download: MAC | PC



Whooow… you guys have been busy. Thanks!

Ohhhh well, finally some good news.


Massive update.


Finally? I think they push out one good News after another :ok_hand:


Flexible beat grids? Flexible beat grids?!

FLEXIBLE BEAT GRIDS!!! FLEXIBLE MOTHERF’N BEAT GRIDS!!! There is NO ONE more happy than I am to see this come to Engine Prime. Thank you, Denon DJ Engine Prime developers!!! Gonna download this beta and try it out right now. Only thing missing now is smart crates.


Well you’re easily pleased! There’s a lot more than smart crates missing.

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Hi Everyone, does v1.6 also work with the MCX8000?

Hi @Rodperaza2020 - You can use Engine Prime v1.6 to prepare you music and export to the MCX8000 but the hardware does not support new features such as Dropbox, Beatsource LINK, or Flexible beat grids.

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Ok, thank you @JWiLL

Sounds good, re the serato grid as I still use Serato when copying the liberary over will EP prioritise the Serato grid over the EP grid, if the grids in serato are wrong it will make the EP grids wrong as well.

Flexible beat grids is a big update so happy to hear of this as the static grids do not work for most of my reggae songs.

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No comprende

@ everyone, why keep posting here about one’s workflow?

All will be moved here: Flexible beat grids V1.6


Playing with it now for a couple of days… works very well. Note: my dj collection is about 7500 tracks. now all synced to dropbox. the moment you log in on the hardware (SC5000M) it take 3-5 minutes to get ready. Why is this? does it check all the track?

Is STACKSTORAGE also coming up? (more flexible for developers and it has a cheap startprice of only €2,50 for 250GB / month)

My guess is it downloads collection data (big files) and write it on local media.

i don’t find the beta download for SC5000M

This thread is for the Engine Prime pc/mac software, not the EngineOS player firmware.

I suggest finding the correct thread.