Engine PRIME v1.3.3

Engine PRIME v1.3.3 is available for download now!

For more info https://www.denondj.com/downloads


When you go to the download page and click info it gives the changelog for 1.3.2

I would have thought it should be updated for the latest release?

Doesn’t seem Denon are very accurate with their online content.

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We’ve been made aware of this, and we are fixing the typo. Thank you @kradcliffe for your feedback.

@Nekoro_DenonDJ As you know, I’ve been vocal before about the quality of Engine Prime code, attention to detail and management of development team. I tried 1.3.3 today and am happy to find it’s definitively one step in the right direction. Hope this starts a new cycle of great releases that stop crippling otherwise excellent hardware from DenonDJ.


Thanks for the awesome feedback @cesarvog!!

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FYI. Typo is already fixed.


Only a few days passed between 1.3.2 and its replacement.

Nice to see the gaps between releases are decreasing


HI, may I say CONGRATULATIONS for having released this update as fast as possible.

Seems to work way better know. (Just testing 10 minutes but the data bugs, problems with copying/moving files, cue points not saved, multiple files selection and software speed… it seems GOOD and fast !)

Let’s test it in deep but it seems okay for me ! Good job Mac OSX 10.14.6 Mojave on macbook pro 15 notebook.


Good at this end so far too :slightly_smiling_face: Keept it up :muscle::+1:

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Smooth and fast so far! But the proof is in the BPM analysis! :stuck_out_tongue:

All tracks are being re-analyzed as we speak! Hoping for good news!

How is the track analysis doing in this version?

Same same.

The algorithm has not changed.


Awwwww that’s a huge bummer!!! I had noticed it moving some of my tracks around during re-analyzing so was hopeful!!!

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Hey! It took all night to re-analyze my tracks so didn’t get a chance to check but according to @mufasa it’s the same algorithm which is a major letdown. I swore we were promised this would be addressed. : /

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Yes - they’ve advised that it will be - no countdown or date was mentioned. Surely no one thought anything significant was going to happen BPM wise with the New Zealand software office only opening up just 2 or 3 months ago :man_shrugging:t2:

I don’t doubt it’ll happen, and I don’t doubt it’ll be good when it does.

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Oh boy. Soooooooooo let’s go with that. They aren’t starting from scratch. The merger took place more than 2 or 3 months ago. These BPM issues have been a problem for a long, long time. This software is holding back an amazing system. It’s just frustrating. Can you understand that at least?

The speed improvements are VERY nice. I gave props where they were due as I always have. I’m just ready for this very major problem to be addressed.


Probably because there were BPM values in the ID3 tags. This release (and 1.3.2) included the hack that debuted on Prime 4 where it uses the tags as a guideline.

No merger - they simply invested money in hiring a dedicated software team in New Zealand.

Yeah nix the merger word. : )

Hi all

We are working on the BPM algorithm improvements - this research project is a large rewrite, and is showing excellent results. We are working on bringing this work into Engine, but not for the currently available Engine Prime 1.3.3 release. It is a major focus for the teams, our goal is to bring about best in class results.

Cheers Matt