Engine Prime Updates?

the first posting in this topic was made on May 29th i.e. almost 6 moths ago. It wold be great if soon an update will be released of Engine…

@Gee_DenonDJ can you maybe give some insight, e.g. will it take days, weeks or months before we can expect an update on Engine Prime?

There are plenty of enhancements planned for Engine Prime. It is not the case however, that it will always be a release on the first Thursday of the month or any similar “pattern” of releases.

Each Engine Prime release may contain changes to existing features, new features, or a selection of both.

we understand @Gee_DenonDJ but it would be great to know when or how long we will have to approx wait till the first Engine Prime update since the initial launch of Version 1.0 almost 6 months ago.

I would almost say any update will be appreciated

Sure. Nothing was ever mentioned about an update at 3/4/5 months etc, so nothing is overdue of course, but we understand that users like smoother, fully in-house workflows.

As soon as the next version is ready for download then the links and features/enhancement lists will be shown here, on the forum.