Engine Prime Update Causing Tracks w/ Incorrect Info

Hi All,

I just updated to the latest version of Engine Prime and suddenly I have a non-insignificant number of tracks that show the incorrect track info in EP. When I view in Explorer there are no issues with the filename, details tab or metadata as far as I can see.

Any solutions outside of re-installing EP?

Thank you

In what way has the track info become incorrect?

Like is the artist field now where the track title used to be or …

Song titles, BPM, and key are all from another song. Originally I was unable to re-import the track data but EP crashed and when I re-opened it I was able to and it corrected it. Not entirely sure how the info got mixed in the first place though.

ReDo database from scratch

Quit EP

Delete or Rename “ENGINE FOLDER” in MUSIC and any Collection Drives (internal or external)

Restart EP

Add tracks to collection again.