Engine PRIME Update 1.5

Hi Guys, So I recently switched from Rekordbox DJ (DDJ RX) to the Prime 4. It took me a few Days to get about 5k Tracks imported to Engine Prime and align every single Beatgrid. Now I updated to Engine Prime 1.5 with its new improved algorithm.

Do I actually need to reanalyze every Track? Is there any benefit of using new analyzed Tracks instead of sticking to the “old” ones?

BR Florian

You will need to Analyse to get the waveform preview in EP

Just use Analyse if you are happy with your grids.

Reanalyse will force a new analysis

So use Analyse

It should fly through quick enough as it’s not doing a full analysis

Thanks for the quick Reply.

I just tried to do so but analyze is grey.

Then you are golden. The wave preview is already there as well.

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