Engine Prime Unable to Read Engine Library File After Formatting Drive

I have an internal drive installed in my Prime 4. Unfortunately, it was never formatted correctly so a window would pop up every time I mounted my internal Prime 4 HD while the Engine Prime software was running. I believe the disk was formatted in Mac OS Extended (Journaled); however, I’m not 100% sure. Whichever format, the Engine Prime software would still work. I would simply cancel out of this window and continue on… No real problem except that pop up window was annoying and I wanted it to go away permanently.

Sooooooo… I decided to reformat the HD into the FAT32 format that the error window said it needed to be. In Mac terminology, this turned out to be MS-DOS (FAT). BEFORE I did this, I took the only two folders that were in the Prime 4 HD (Engine Software & Sessions folders), and copied them over onto another external HD. I then reformatted the drive to MS-DOS (FAT), and then re-copied the two files back onto the Prime 4 HD once it was reformatted.

The formatting was successful, and the file copies were successful. All seemed to be honky dory until I booted up the Engine Prime software. Now the Engine Prime software is no longer reading my Prime 4 HD???!!! It shows zero crates, zero playlists, and zero music files! :tired_face:

No matter what I do, I cannot “force” Engine Prime to read the Engine Library file in the Prime 4 HD. I had a bunch of playlists and curated & edited music tracks that I want to recover. Any suggestions how I can resolve this?


It should be exFAt because of the file size of the database. Fat32 can only work with files not greater than 4GB. But the engine database could get greater than 4GB. So you would get in trouble using Fat32. (Also it is an old Filesystem, which is not up to date anymore.)

Format your drive to exFAT and it should work.


Regardless of what operating system you are using, you should know that there are two kinds of partition table on hard drives: Master boot record (MBR) and GUID partition table (GPT). MBR uses the standard BIOS, and supports drives up to 2TB in capacity . GPT uses UEFI (unified extensible firmware interface) which can support disks larger than 2TB . So, if you find that you can’t partition a 4TB hard drive, it could be because it is an MBR drive. If it is an MBR disk, then you can solve the problem by converting the drive from MBR to GPT. Sometimes it is better to use a smaller disk in Prime Gear. I recomment not to buy larger drives than 2TB. (Also you have the ability to use streaming services in Prime Gear, such as TIDAL, (very soon Soundcloud, and also on the list will be Beatport …) So you don´t need a huge library anymore. (Also you can split your library to SD Card (Which is also available to 1TB) - I Have a 1TB SSD and a 1 TB SD Card … use Tidal … and have more as enough music for the people …)

also you can use USB-Sticks for different Genres like, House, Electro, Dance, Hip Hop, Rock, Reggea a.s.o.

Oh, and befor I forget … Get rid of all partitions first, before you format your drive. Because a simple format also retains os specific partition tables. (eg: partition tables for mac OS or hidden partitions) … they can also cause troubles with engine prime and database.

Clean your drive as much as possible. And then use a partition tool to remove all unwanted partitions. Do only on main Partition as MBR and then format the drive to exFAT.

Thank you. This solution worked perfectly!

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