Engine Prime takes forever to load!

Hi folks.

I’m currently awaiting my SC5000s and X1800 to be delivered and decided to investigate the Engine Prime software which unfortunately is not all plain sailing and hoping that someone may have some suggestions.

My current laptop of choice is a Dell XPS 15 9550 Core I7, 16 gig DDR4 ram, internal SSD using the latest Windows 10 Pro build.

When i run the software [1.3.3 & 1.3.2] it sits at the splash screen for approximately 10 minutes before the main Engine Prime screen appears to which it will then sit for a rather long time to the extent where i eventually force close the software.

I have tried numerous combinations to try and rectify the situation and i have unfortunately came up blank including;

  • Reinstalling/repairing the software
  • Cleaning all registry/folder entries prior to install
  • Using windows compatibility settings to force for windows 8
  • Having my media drive connected/not connected
  • Antivirus switched off/on

Running the Windows resource monitor will show the main program exe responding then after the main wait stage will default to not responding, if i leave it for a considerable time it will eventually run, but this can be a long as 30 mins, sometimes more.

The biggest frustration here is that my 5 year old Acer Aspire, Core I5, 4 gig ram will run it no problem so i am sure that this is a problem with my new laptop.

Has anyone came across similar issues and did you find some form of workaround, i know the obvious answer is to use my old laptop, but that defeats the purpose of having my newer laptop. I have included a pic of the splash screen for clarity.

Any help/feedback greatly appreciated.