Engine Prime software

Hi, Im a new user just moved from record box. Theres a new update for the engine prime, i have tried to download but its taking me to different pages and is not allowing to update.

Also, how can i move songs up and down in the library in order for me to organise my playlist?

I would really appreciate some help!

Thank you

Hi Chris, sorry to read that you’re having a query with downloading Our new Engibe Prime 1.1 software.

Just above the Download button on the webpage, there’s an input box, asking for an email address. It can be easy to miss, but can catch some people out, even me sometimes :slight_smile:

Thank you for your reply,

do you have news regarding the engine prime software?

I am facing a problem trying to do my playlist and crates, the software does it in alphabetical order and its not allowing me to move the my songs into the order i previously had my playlist in.

On the USB , i have my music in external hard drive 2TB, I know you can only load 10,000 songs in each so that both the decks can read it…any update on this?

Thank you

Hi - Engine Prime 1.1 was released as an upgrade to Engine Prime 1.0 just a couple of weeks or so ago, and there’s some really good things coming in Engine 1.2. No specific release dates, or even hints on release dates currently.

@Gee_DenonDJ There is always some good things happening in future updates - at least this is the assumption :rofl: Given the timeframe it needed to go from 1.0 to 1.1, it might take a long time to see 1.2 here for download. Is your Development Team considering agile principles in their way of working? If no - you may need to look at this. Generally speaking the idea behind is bringing smaller steps faster to the users. Not do 1 big update a year but do smaller improvents at a more frequent basis. From my perspective this will give confidence to the user community and demonstrate that things are moving. I believe this could be much better instead of just talking about that the next version will be much better. Just my 2 Cents…

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Certainly. No assumption required. Although firmware and software is very unlikely to ever reach a “It’s Christmas every day” pattern, especially where several key elements are interlinked.