Engine Prime Software Beat Grids

Got to say, absolutely loving my new set up, but am having real issues with the beat gridding part of the software; for tracks that have been ripped from vinyl and have elements of noise at the beginning, or some that just have some ambient sounds, it is setting the No 1 marked way too early, and every time I try to move it, it just rotates around the same bar number i.e. you can’t slip the No 1 marker past 3 beats.

Also, is there a way to narrow the gap between the markers, or do you just relay a new marker (which is what I have been doing)?

Sorry if I’ve missed this info somewhere.


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Figured it out, it automatically sets the 1 bar at the cue that you make (not pre-arranged cue points). Makes sense I suppose, except if you have a 1-2 bar sample before the main music kicks in but you still want to use the main beat as your 1 bar.