Engine Prime shut down during file transfer

Hi. I just got my SSD drive corrupted during a MP3 filer tranfer from engine Prime. The Prime 4 said that the drive needed to be formatted in order to restore the drive. I did have a backup via engine Prime but could’nt get it to Work. So i formatted it. My question is, is it best to transfer all 30000 mp3’s to the ssd and then put the ssd in to the prime 4 afterwards let the engine Prime do the analysing or put the music in via engine prime to the Prime 4.

Also, i don’t really understand what the backup really is. Is it only the que points and the analysing of the tracks. Did i only have to delete the que point and analysing part instead of format the whole drive and start from scratch. Sorry guys , i’m a complete newbie regarding this

I just fell to the ground when the error occoured

Kind regards Anders

I really hope you get an answer to this it happened to me as well and have lost all of library that was stored into my SSD in my Prime 4.

Engine backup saves db structure files, cue points/loops, etc not the music files. If you copy back your mp3 files to the exact same location and restore your backup from engine, you’ll have your playlists/crates/cues back

Hey rcatelli Thanx for the fast reply. So the corrupted files are then maybe only the data files and not the mp3 part. Maybe it was only the data files that where corrupted and needed to be deletet from Prime 4 and not the whole SSD

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Yes. Engine does not check if your MP3 files are corrupt, but if its database is corrupt. So that message is database-related, so you should just reload the database.

I startet yesterday transfering music to the newly formatted SSD in the Prime 4 . I got around 9000 tracks on to it a bit at a time, so IT had time to analyse. But suddenly the engine Prime shut down and i’m back to corrupted data . I don’t have a backup because og the coruption from the first meltdown. What do i do now. There are 9000 tracks on the ssd, but i won’t show in either Prime 4 og engine Prime. If i don’t have the database then how do i get IT to see the mp3’s again