Engine PRIME Official v1.6 Availability when?

Do you know, when the official version of Engine PRIME v1.6 will be available ? Some news ?

When it’s ready.


Sorry JonnyXDA, but what for an answer from your side? The beta is out since 2 months! The question is more than respectable.

Yeah and if you didn’t happen to notice, there were a lot of issues on the beta.

Not to mention we do not know if the public beta is feature complete yet, it was only the second beta in the 1.6 release series…

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The problems are also there with the official releases and then they will be corrected in the following releases, which will have other problems, which will be corrected with the following releases and so on … :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :crazy_face:

It’s funny watching from the outside.

Having been part of a MCX8000 beta in the past, I can see how this happens. I passed my comments to Denon on how haphazard the beta was but I guess it fell on deaf ears.

They seriously need to improve the speed of development and quality of releases to be taken seriously but we’ve been here before…


What do you think guys, what are doing Denon engineers right now?

…Working on it, and gathering beta testers feedback, improving, removing bugs etc…

The sad aspect of waiting for the V1.6 is that it too will not contain the requests with higher ratings. Of course we will finally have a kind of “dynamic BPM” and the preview of the track, but the most voted requests are always there waiting.

Click on this link which shows the requests in order of votes (for Engine Prime) and you will understand what I am saying: Link

Obviously the same fact also happens for Smart Consoles: Link

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Or being worked on in the background for some future release. The number of requests must be up in the high hundreds of requests by now - that’s probably more than a decade of firmware updates at a rate of a dozen suggestions beta’d for a few months, tweaked for a few months, and eventually released. It’s all very different from the old 8000 beta - different agenda, different outcome, different product longevity, different beta - the two aren’t similar nor compatible.

I think denons next unit release should be mentioned as having a USB port for patches to existing features only, no additional features. The price could reflect that stance. Denon are never going to get 100% of feature requests implemented on the prime series of models, whether it’s cannot implement or will not implement. I wonder what percentage of requests people think /will/ get added.

Its sad, seems like denon is headed the same route as traktor. Very slowly to implement requests or to never implement requests. Also never reply to a support inquiries. This is why i left traktor years ago.

It’s actually a lot lot better than it was and it’s speeded up incredibly since about a year ago. I think that the bpm algorithm was tied into so many things , like the beat grid, effects, downbeat detection, quantize, waveform, pads etc etc etc etc were all waiting for bpm to get sorted. Now that it is sorted and is very good, it’s like taking a dam away from a river , the firmware updates and engine prime updates are flowing fast.

There will always be requests that are too minor to get implemented or would break something else if implemented. The requestors themselves will never understand how their request, which is simple, easy to program, essential and so on, didn’t leave the factory inside every device. But for a feature to be worth spending hundreds or thousands of staff and beta tester hours on, The feature has to be something that thousands and thousands will use regularly.


Compared to what? The cooling of the sun? :smile:

You seem to have misunderstood the meaning of the word ‘fast’.

Version 1.6b2 was made available to us 44 days ago. About one and a half months.

How many updates to it have been released? b3? b4? Anything? Nothing.

That’s your idea of fast? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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You seem to have understood the meaning of the word polite, with several forum goers

The Firmware and software releases are certainly faster than they used to be

They are fast and they are doing great job. We have to understand fixing issues is not always easy.

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I believe that in firmware terms, they are fast, and keep pushing new stuff at a nice pace. Even a “perfect” Firmware will result on a lot of work for support teams after the release, as many users simply don’t have the skills to update correctly.

I think that whoever takes care of making firmware and software is a team of several people, it is certainly not a single man who does it. So I wonder (always) how it is possible to have to wait months and months even for the fix of a bug, when in some cases it can be solved quickly (always considering team development and not single man).

I wouldn’t say perfect: it is proof that after a few days of tests carried out by us users, the first reports of various bugs appeared. I understand the complexity of a firmware with Engine OS, and it is not even easy to test all the possible combinations that can cause problems for customers, but sometimes I have the impression that the software is tested shortly, before release.

Once a user has learned once how to do the firmware update, then the second time he will do it without any problems. I would not go to justify the release times of the updates with this excuse.

I would also add a lacking aspect of Denon DJ, and I’m not the only one who thinks it: sometimes (maybe 2-3 times a week) it would be good if the Denon DJ guys would take a tour here on the forum to answer the questions, clarify to customers which bug fixes will be implemented, to anticipate what the new functions will be. It makes a good impression on me when I read their posts (JWill and the others) because we understand that our requests and recommendations are not wasted time, because they read them and give us feedback.

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For me, the comparison I make is with Atomix (VirtualDJ devs) who genuinely are fast. There have been times when a user has discovered a bug, and a fix has been released within hours.

Even when not dealing with bugs, the time between updates is relatively short.

Shameful guilt tripping attempt. Wagging-finger.

Yes, I understand your point, but working with computer hardware sales/support, I know many, many user just lack the skills/forget how to/fear to brick unit/other weird reasons when doing firmware updates. What I means by ‘perfect firmware’ is - even if the firmware ‘works perfectly’, support team will still have lot of work with user having dificulties updating firmware, ‘bricking’ units, and so on.