Engine Prime not loading

After installing the new update for EP it now just loads a black blank screen and nothing else. I can’t uninstall because a version of EP is already running apparently. Any fixes for this?

More info needed

Windows or Mac

OS version

Windows 8

Ive managed to uninstall and try again, but it now says im missing api-ms-win-core-heap-I2-1-0II and when adding this it still wont start

Hopefully some of the expert Windows users will chime in. My Windows knowledge is Netscape era.

My knowledge of Windows is also fading away, but I seem to remember that right clicking would allow one to choose Properties, then in the Compatibility tab, which version of Windows to simulate for program you intend to run. May be worth trying.

When you uninstalled Engine Prime you should have performed a registry cleanup first and restart de computer.