Engine Prime - Not Booting - Ver 1.5.0

Edit : Have now updated to 1.5.1 and the issue still persists sadly :confused:

Hi all,

So I’ve recently got a new library of audio - over 1000 WAV’s & FLAC’s and so I decided to dusty off the 5000M and get to work.

Updated to 1.5.0 on the PC, haven’t yet looked for an updater for the controller, however was very excited to see Beatport link and the such. Imported my new music, figured out what i wanted in each crate and experienced 5 crashes during this experience.

Then EP began to work as it should, and i just assumed it was my rushing around and trying to process files whilst listening to them that was causing my crashes, so i slowed down and decided to just transfer the media and do the work on the deck.

Went to boot EP again and now it’s just getting stuck at “Creating Client” so I’m assuming that’s the actual GUI of EP and it’s falling over at that stage?


If anyone is able to help me I’d be eternally greatful as I’m kind of shafted essentially. Running Windows 10, all up to date.

Many thanks


Hello @Loonie Welcome to the forum. There could be a possibility that Your data base is having a issue. Locate the data base (Engine Library folder) on the C drive and on other drives that You have. Rename them to something else (for example Engine Library backup or copy). Then open up engine prime again. Check if this solves the problem.

Hi NoiseRiser,

I did as you said and renamed the Engine Library folder image

I launched EP again and then got the same thing image

I then changed the names inside the Engine Library to exhaust all possibilities

I then attempt to boot EP once again and I get the same sticky point, I give the EP logo a double click, and every time it throws up this image

Going to try a reboot now and see if I get anywhere, else I’m going to try a different user account.

Well… You should not change the name after starting Engine prime.