Engine Prime Music Library

Hello all,

TryIng to clear some space on my MacBook and I noticed my Engine Prime Music Folder has made a copy of all the music I imported from my external hard drive. 56gb. Why did this happen? I was under the impression the music would just be analyzed from the external (like when I use it for Serato DJ) and then I would just copy it to my SD card. What happens if I delete this large file? Will it always duplicate all the music I import? I never keep music on my computers in case it crashes. Thanks for the help.

Most likely cause: Your external drive is not formatted FAT or ExFAT (the Prime compatible formats for removable media). As a precaution EP will move the tracks stored on that drive to a locations it knows it is compatible with: the local level Music folder. Deleting that 56Gb will render the tracks to become “file not found” = Red

Hello, my external drive is formatted to Exfat. I can plug it directly into the SC5000. I tried connecting a regular hard drive into EP, it wouldn’t read it. So still not sure why it’s creating a back up file. Appreciate the help.

In that case there is no reason for EP to create that Music folder, unless you used the EP 1.5 Syncmanager to sync tracks back to the “main” collection.

If you have created crates in Prime and dragged tracks it makes a copy of the file if it is on a different drive. You need to make sure any crates that you make are on the external drive, dragging around there doesn’t copy anything then.

Hello, all I did was drag the entire folders from the external drive into EP. No crates were ever made. Thanks for the help.

That’s the mistake mate - if you create 1 crate on your external drive, and then drag all the tracks to there it’ll add them to your collection without duplicating.