Engine Prime Moving my music How do I get it back??!

So I opened up engine prime to find that none of the files from one of my folders could be located but they’re still on my MCX8000 formatted flash drive. Why did the software drag the files there instead of copy and how do I move them back?? I use the same file structure for other dj apps so this is really irritating for when I just bring my computer to a gig.

Hello When you put the USB Drive back into your computer on Engine Prime you should be able to drag the files to your collection. Are you on the latest firmware and engine prime update?

I’m on the latest firmware and software, dragging to the collection doesn’t effect anything.

Are the files missing from your main collection on your computer? Theres a possibility you may have created the folders straight to USB instead of your collection. You may have to drag the files from your flash drive to your computer desktop/music folder, then re-import them to Engine Prime

How do I prevent Engine Prime from creating folders straight to USB in the future?