Engine Prime Keeps Shutting Down

My Engine Prime software keeps shutting down every time I start running the software. Here’s the scenario. First off, I’m using a mid 2011 iMac with OS X El Capitan (10.11.6). I downloaded it three days ago to prepare my music for the arrival of my SC5000’s which arrived today. So I have been dragging my collection over from a thumb drive, renaming folders etc etc to the “collection” folder. I even started making a few playlists. So as I’m making new crate names I made two crate names that were the same by mistake. No music had been put into the newly named crate folder yet. So I tried to delete one of the folders of the same name and the software would not let me do it. I tried a few times to no avail. Then I proceeded to drag the folders of the same name into one folder. I’m doing all this in the collection menu. As I dragged the same named folders together, the software shutdown. When I restart it will start to reboot, the screen will pop up but then it shuts down again. I really hope I dont have to delete the software, download it again and start all over. That would be terrible for I made A LOT of progress moving my music over, renaming, and sorting. I restarted my Mac numerous times and even ejecting the thumb drives but it keeps shutting down. PLEASE HELP ME. I have a big gig this Saturday and i wanted to prepare my music and practice with the SC5000s to be ready. Solutions…???

Ok I deleted the prime app the installed it again. It STILL keeps shutting down. I’m lost now.

Hello, DJ Books; The actual database is stored outside of the application in the Music/Engine Library folder (it should contain a bunch of .db and .db-journal files). This is what you should be removing if you want a clean start with the database. You can go ahead and zip/back this up, but it sounds like something has already gone wrong (you shouldn’t be able to create 2 crates with the same name in the first place). Please give that a go and let me know if that helps.

First off, thanks for the response. Ok, So i deleted the Music/Engine library folder containing the files, emptied the trash then tried to restarted the software. The software started to open again but still shut down immediately. Then I uninstalled Engine, deleted it and emptied the trash. I restarted my Imac, re-downloaded the software and tried again with the same results. By the way, i had a big party this weekend and i used my 5500’s for the first time and those things are a BEAST! Please help me so i can get my playlists and music analyzing done ahead of time. Also the computer keeps asking if i want to send it to Apple from the shutdowns, then it shows a report. Do you want me to send you the report to show your engineers?

Yes, please PM me the report! Let’s get you sorted for your party.

As a new user i can’t send you a DM or private message and even if i could it wouldn’t let me send the report because it says that it is a link when there is no link. Its just a file report that i copied and pasted. Is there other way i can send this data report to get the ball rolling??

Hey djbooks,

I’ve gotten in touch with you outside of the forum via email so you can forward that crash report. Please look out for my email and let me know if you have any questions!