Engine Prime keeps shutting down!

I know your guys will tell me to do this and that. I try everything on this Forum and it keeps shutting down… I’m using Window 10 professional Intel I5-7500T 2.70Ghz. 8.00 gigs of ram. I really don’t know why it does that. I’m getting to a point to sell my Prime 4. I need HELP. I got no corrupt file works very fine with Traktor…

Please uninstall Engine Prime.

Download the latest Version from Denon DJ. Then, before you install: Stop your Virus Scanner completely. Run Installer as Administrator (Right Click - Run as Administrator)

Let it install.

Normally it should work then.

Cheers Dark.

Engine_Prime_1.6.1_5f4b42a70b_Setup.exe if this is the latest i got it

Yes this is the latest version. Maybe you could try to install first an older version.


Here are all available versions. But I preffer to use the latest.

Sorry but me to , hope someone there from the team will help…

Why would you not follow what djdark is saying?

i did many times!!!