Engine Prime keeps crashing and crashing

I know there are probably hundreds/thousands of topics about this, I have read at least 15 of them and the answer is always “do it in batches” or “hope you have luck the next time”. I have a 20.000+ library that I want to be able to use in my mcx8000 (probably moving to a prime4 in the future), but EP keeps crashing all the time. Now, it doesn’t even start at all, it just crash before starting. I’m using 1.6.1 version.

Then, my question is, What are my alternatives to analyze my music, set bpm, grid and cues, without using EP, and also being able to import them to my mcx8000?

(I’m a software engineer, I can write some code/app/script to help myself, but Engine Prime logs doesn’t help at all to understand why the app is crashing so much)

I’d use a different computer.

Engine prime does indeed provide basic database functionality for the mcx8000 (currently) but of course it’s also used by thousands upon thousands of prime users too. If Engine prime as a piece of software wouldn’t analyse just 20000 tracks without crashing then those thousands upon thousands of prime hardware users would be up in arms daily, which (thousands/daily) they’re not.

The different between one engine prime user and another on the same version of engine prime is the computer and their files. So either the computer or the files are causing the issues

Files wise, try spliting your music in half and see which half causes Engine prime to halt… then split that half in half and see which half then causes a half etc … sooner or later you’ll get to thst dodgy folder of “songs that Dave copied for me” or “tracks from that really cheap dj pool” or whatever and the common denominator will fall into place.

This is not a easy thing to do.

If a file is corrupt or incompatible, the ideal thing is for the software to

  1. Skip the bad file
  2. Quarantine the file
  3. Tell you a file is corrupted

Use Serato to auto analyse your 20k files

See if it picks up any corrupted files.

Corrupt files will have a lightning :zap: bolt icon