Engine Prime - How to save analyzed tracks

So I have folder where I downloaded Purchased music from Beatport. Now when I put music into my Denon DJ Prime 2 it does not show the artwork or artist until I load track to desk, then It takes a while to analyze that track and after it shows the artwork, bpm, artist…

Now I found software Engine Prime and when I put entire folder with my music into engine it analyzes all tracks and it shows preview of waveform, title, art, artist, album…

Now if I delete all tracks inside Engine Prime by choosing “Remove from Collection” and I put entire folder of my music AGAIN into Engine Prime it analyzes all tracks again.

My question is how to save analyzed tracks with all information that Engine Prime analyzes into the tracks itself. So I don’t have to analyzed it again each time I delete and put folder with music again.

I am asking that because If I analyze tracks with all informations and then put folder with music into my Denon DJ Prime 2, all tracks seems to be un-analyzed. So I guess that Engine Prime does not write DATA into track (mp3, wav,…). I know there is option in Engine that you can transfer analyzed info directly from Engine into DJ Prime 2. But I prefer to use Engine to analyze data and save all info into track. So I have portable folder with music with all analyzed data without using Engine ever again .

I know its a lot but I would appreciated answer.

  1. Download the tracks straight to your Prime 2 drive (or copy it first to your Prime 2 drive)

  2. Plug Prime 2 drive to laptop

  3. Start engine prime

  4. Analyze the Prime 2 drive tracks with EP

  5. Unplug Prime 2 drive

  6. Engine Prime is empty (as it should)

Correct, EP writes all the info into the database. If using external the database is on the external drive and this is the portable drive you seek wise one

Correct, that is the expected outcome

Why are you deleting things? Don’t delete anything!

You’re supposed to use Engine Prime. You need to use it. Although the Prime 2 can manage certain things itself, you do need Engine Prime.

I used Export To Drive in Engine and all music is now analyzed.

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