Engine prime hangs at startup - initializing graphical user interface

Hello, first time post here, but here it goes.

In every version of EP so far (including V1.5 which I just upgraded to), I encounter the same issue: When I start EP with an external monitor connected, EP’s startup splash screen appears and everything goes well until it reaches “Initializing Graphical User Interface”. At this stage, EP always hangs with a continuous CPU-load varying around 15% 368,1MB of RAM in use, no disk activity and no network usage. All I see is the splash screen on my laptops built-in display and a white window on my external display. Here’s what I already tried:

  • update all drivers
  • Force EP to use the nvidia GPU (nvidia GTX 1050) instead of built in Intel GPU
  • Force EP to use built-in Intel GPU
  • Found in the windows logbook (eventvwr.exe) an “Application Hang” error pointing to “Engine Prime.exe”. I was not able to find the root cause.
  • Tried waiting for 10 minutes, to no avail

The obvious solution is to disconnect the external display (in which case it works), but then I loose the benefit of having a large display (27" vs 15"). I was kinda hoping that this issue would have been resolved in the new 1.5 version, but apparently this was not resolved.

Or maybe this is behavior by design and EP simply does not support external displays?

Anyone else encoutnered this?

Thanks in advance for any help. It is much appreciated. (PS: I searched through the forum before posting this. I found some related topics, but never the exact same issue… Or I’m just not that good at searching a forum :wink: )

What happens if you plug in the monitor after EP is fully loaded?

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Then EP starts normally. I can then easliy drag EP window to my external monitor. So everything seems fine. One thing I might need to mention: my built-in laptop screen is 15" with a FHD resolution (1920x1080), refreshrate of 60 Hz and bit depth of 6 bits (per channel, for a total of 24bits), while my external screen is 27" with a UHD resolution (3840x2160), refreshrate of 60Hz and bit depth of 8 bits (per channel for a total of 32bit). Might the difference in resolutions have anything to do with the issue?

Is anyone else working with an external monitor on a laptop?

UPDATE: After some trial and error, I was able to collect additional info and I am able to narrow it down.

When EP is open (and external monitor is connected):

  • If I close down EP with the EP-window maximized on my built-in laptop screen and I start EP again, it launches normally (even with the external monitor connected). When restarted, the EP-window is again on my built-in laptop screen.
  • If I close down EP with the EP-window maximized on my external screen and I restart EP, EP is not able to launch and it blocks at the point in the orginal post.

So I am pretty confident that the issue is related to:

  • the difference in resolutions (FHD vs UHD) between built-in and external screen OR
  • the difference in bit depth between built-in and external screens: 6-bit per channel (=24-bit) vs 8-bit per channel (=32-bit) This info should be detailed enough to provide as feedback to the developpers. Does anyone know where to report bugs or how to reach the developpers?

Best regards