Engine Prime Features Suggestion


The number one feature I’d like to see in Prime is for it to sync the database with the folders of your drive. Either automatically or triggered by the user. I really love using the Prime setup without a laptop, but the one thing that is a huge step backwards is all the extra work of having to import my new tracks. Prior to the Prime setup, I used SC3900’s as media controllers for VDJ. Anyone using VDJ knows you can add new songs to your drive, and hit “recurse”, and BAM, all your newly added tracks are there.

I’d be a happy clam if Engine would sync to my drive in the same way. :slight_smile:


Flexible User editable beat grid


Playlist: Flexible Playlist Window / Or Screen on Screen with the Library like on the old "Denon DJ Music Manager ". Or Dragable Playlist Window, etc… but no Tabs! Playlist should be Lookable while a Crate will be created to sort Intime / meanwhile one will be created, and so on… PLEASE!


Improved BPM detection algorithm, please please please sort out this +/- 33% bpm issue. It’s frustrating, makes open format sets impossible, renders all the bells and whistles (FX, beatjump, looping) of the primes useless.

Unrestricted BPM range i.e besides the current tempo range in settings there should be a “none” option.

Can you also investigate how Traktor is able to correctly discern/detect 65bpm songs at their true values and not 130bpm? I read something about “Tempo Estimation Octave Error” as being the culprit when softwares don’t get it right. It’s above my paygrade but Traktor does do a great job at BPMs.

Ability to import BPM values from the tracks ID tags if it already contains BPM info.

Batch halving or doubling of BPM values

An option to Import all crates/playlist structure from Serato, Traktor etc.

Engine Prime software is the foundation of this ecosystem with immense potential.


Waveform resolution could be vastly improved. As it is now, you can’t zoom in enough for accurate beat gridding and cue point placement. Traktor allows very detailed resolution when zooming on the wave which I’m really missing here as well as the waveform window size. It’d be nice if you could make that area larger just like this suggestion window how you can grab the bar and drag it to increase/decrease the window. A similar function I feel is needed.

Also a snap to grid function would be nice as the current scrub doesn’t allow to easily snap to a beat grid anchor so again, takes too much time trying to align a cue point. It’s a slow/inaccurate process as there’s just not enough detail and snapping would speed up the tedious process.


Turn quantise on in the software and it should snap to the beat grid - I have mine set on 1/4 beat and it works fine.