Engine Prime Features Suggestion


I just want to add my voice to others calling for Engine to actually monitor and update folders. I don’t want to have to manually drag everything from a folder to a crate, when the crate could just be linked to and refresh the content from the folder.

I really want to love this laptop free performing, but some things seem so much more difficult and probably shouldn’t be. Prior to using the SC5000s, I’d just connect my drive with my newly added tracks and hit refresh. Boom, all the new music in my library is where it belongs, shows up in a search, etc. Having that functionality in the library management software would be at least one step closer to meeting the convenience of DJ software solutions.

Another thing that isn’t so much a feature request, but under the hood performance issue. Prime is super slow when you rename tracks. My workstation at home that I use it on is a souped up computer 4K video editing workstation, all high performance SSDs, 64gb ram, gobs of processing and video power. Yet if I change the name of a song in Prime, it takes it like 5 seconds or more to update. At first I had my music on my media server, which is connected via 2 Gigabit network connections to my router, and it was slow. I blamed the server, and moved everything to an internal SSD. Turns out, something in Engine Prime just makes file renaming a time consuming task.


That’s just plain opposite to what I’d need. If I’ve reduced or killed a frequency I want the waveform to show me visibly ALL the frequencies coming up so I know when to reinstate the frequency. Like I might kill off the bass for 16 bars, preparing for a big drop, but if the waveform has all its bass removed from the screen, it’s lost the info what’s I need.

I more than happy with the three colours on the Primes already

  1. yes

  2. yes

3.undecided for now

  1. absolutely

5.Flexible beat gridding - absolutely absolutely absolutely

  1. not yet needed myself but yes if its a must

7.would be a nice touch for those tricky breaks and bpm offsets I often come across

  1. excellent idea how about also giving us some small markings for 8,16,32 bar marks and 2 markers independent to the set created for start end points this would allow for much better timing in our mix sets visual aid is important today and helps you concentrate on the mixers more and looping etc.


Is there a fixed beat counter, the 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 moves around on my SC5000 when i set a temp cue with the CUE button. It becomes 1.

I’m used to using Serato beat marker numbers as a way to know how many beats are left for phrasing.

Can it be an option in the preferences

Beat Counter Original :white_circle: Fixed :radio_button:


I will like to request a proper beat gridding function. Dynamic/Flexible Beat gridding will be desirable.

I have problems beat-gridding even simple tracks that is not house music when the calculated BPM is off.

Ive never been a fan of tempo tapping as its not accurate. What i find accurate in other software is to adjust the spacing between markers.

Can you please include “adjust beat markers” option.

It currently has only Shift Beat Markers in two different ways ; 1st one slides, second one jumps by one beat increment.

Why is that even necessary? That could have been addressed with a Shift.



I have a big suggestion. Something that won’t be done anytime soon.

I think many of us are on the road a lot, either for daytime jobs or for our gigs. In some or many cases this is by public transportation, be it trains, planes, buses or in the PA truck.

To me it would be great if I could just toss a playlist in a/the cloud and then have an iPad app to further prep my track, including beatgridding it. A tablet being so much more practical than lugging around a laptop, never mind the usually very limited space available to put a laptop down properly.

Maybe I am the only one, but it’s a thought.


Data Sync via Cloud and an iPad App to go would be an big argument for the prime series.


dont know if allready suggested but i would LOVE to have a relocate/research file added. so when i drag files from a history list from my stick, and i remove the stick, i can tell prime to search for the files on my laptop. same when i renamed files, let prime research the folders for the changed files. and if prime could read the track info i put in when ripping my cd’s i would be superhappy!

or is there a way to add id3tags to wav files? in a way prime could read it? with mp3 no problems with tags or tagging but with wav it keeps giving me trouble…

tnx and keep up the good!


i do use a fast file renamer to sort out spaces around the '- ’ in filenames. do you have another suggestion for such renaming/tagging jobs? …since that just might cause/solve my problems… thanks so much!


I’d say rip to FLAC. Saves space. Quality 100% the same AND tags.


Most tagging utilities have options for doing things like that. MP3Tag and Tag&Rename come to mind. If it’s just filenames you want to change, a tool like Total Commander gives you a lot of (batch) rename options.


Well i have my whole collectie ripped in wav so i rather have a workaround if possible… But i also noticed no problem with tags in flacon so kudos for that!


The problem is that there has never been a written standard how to tag WAV files, so while it’s perfectly supported, implementation varies between companies. FLAC would be better in this case, because it’s nearly WAV quality, but also has standardized tagging.


Well on the bright side, now i know why i keep having same troubles with perfect fine wav files… So the verdict is convert every thing to flac? Any suggesties on a batch converter?


I use dBpoweramp (paid version) for all my ripping and conversion needs. Love it, have used it for years. It comes with a great batch converter. Set it to highest quality and let it run. One thing I particularly like about it, is that it fully supports multi-core processors. So on my AMD CPU it converts 6 tracks simultaneously. Kinda hurries things up for sure. On an Intel i7 quadcore, it should even do 8 (hyperthreading and all that).


It is actually a lossless format, meaning NO audio information is lost. If you make a wav file from a flac file, it will be the same as the original wav quality-wise.


Theres a few taggers/rippers which would do this - AudioGrabber has an “Append ID3 tags to WAV files” option - so when the program has grabbed all the usual ID3 tag info for MP3’s - it saves them into WAVS. Audiograbber is quite old, but has some nice features, and is free.


Thanks so much! And does prime actually read those tags too?! Sorry for askin silly question but it gonna cost me hours and hours again tagging or reripping or convert everything… Tnx!


Serato is able to read tags from the WAV files that I buy, but Engine Prime doesn’t seem to at the moment. I might switch to FLAC.

Will Engine Prime be able to read WAV tags in the future?


It works with WAV files for me in Serato and Engine Prime including artwork.