Engine Prime Features Suggestion


This is possible already. However, to maximise screen/column space, there’s no “Zero star”.

However… try this…

  • Rate a track as 5 stars, or 4 , or 3… doesnt matter too much.

  • Now…hold the left mouse button and swipe left across the stars which are lit…

  • let go of the mouse when the stars are all extinguished.


No as nested Crates do not keep The track order, I made that mistake in the past after getting a 3 hour set together.


That’s Correct if I understand you rite, I have never had a single issue with corruption using the Prime hardware, its only using the Software.


Can I suggest a “sound effect” for when a crate has finished packing. I often open up multiple desktops and leave engine packing in the background of another i’m not working on. Would be nice to know when it’s finished so I can start packing the next one.

N.B I’m aware I can pack multiple crates at once but for stability I do each one manually


I do the same too. I run a single process. E.g. complete analysis before packing a crate…


A simple one, but when you put loops and cues in, the should either a) re-order to put them in sequence of when the appear within the song (preferable) or b) change the colours to be very distinctly different. When cue 1 & 2 are in the ‘wrong’ order (i.e. when you set cue 2 earlier in the track than cue 1) the yellow and orange are almost indistinguishable and I end up pressing the wrong cue and jumping to the wrong place in the track.


…and it must be very doable as Serato has that feature


It’s the Chronological sorting of cues and loops option.

I use it as standard in Serato.

I like my cues saved similar to progression of the track being played.


Me too, I use this option in Serato, and it is definitely needed in Engine.


the BPM needs to go upto 190 for a global market, mainly for hardtek/hardcore/tech itch, dom & roland drum & bass

170, 180, 190


Ive been doing a lot with my libraries of both Rekordbox and Engine Prime and here are some of the things that I think need addressing

  1. Beat grids - Rekordbox analysis nails the ‘1’ most of the time. Engine Prime about 50% of the time. Really not good enough

  2. Beat jump - option to set a default value or remember last. e.g I mostly use 32 bar to jump through the track when analysing, its a nice easy way to check phrasing. A big pain to have to reset this for every track. Rekordbox remembers last value

  3. Waveform is pretty crap I’m sorry to say. Rekordbox is more clearly defined and waaay more zoomable. Engine Prime is a bit of a blobby mess of a waveform. Useful for ‘busy tracks’

  4. Ability to edit multiple tags. i.e. lets say we select 12 tracks and want to edit them all as ‘funky house’ or ‘star rating 3’ Very laborious to have to do them 1 by 1

  5. Flexible beat gridding - you know about this

  6. BPM range needs to be higher

  7. Add a metronome feature like Rekordbox for those difficult tracks

  8. Ability to set autoloops - helps to be able to set these in tracks that end pretty abruptly with little headroom. Have an autoloop configurable in Engine Prime that is triggered on the SC5000 when it reaches that point


Hi @ all, I’m new to the denon forum. I’m coming from pioneer/rekordbox gear and changed to the sc5000/x1800. What I’m missing in Engine Prime, as mentioned by broady, is:

  1. metronome
  2. a DETAILED and clear,accurate waveform, in Prime software and in the SC5000 players
  3. Auto-Loop ability triggered by SC5000

It would be superb, if you want to go a step further on, to add

  1. a coloured waveform for each part, not only coloured cue-points (e.g. bar 1-16 waveform coloured blue for intro beat, bar 17-…coloured red and so on)

the sync between players seems for me not “tight” enough, means, if I want to beatmatch over the sync knob, it sounds that the 2 tracks drift away from each other(hope I explained it right:grinning:)

What about you out there?Do you have the same problems?


To be honest: no, I just mix by ear and know the tracks I play. :sunglasses:

To be fair: yes, metronome would be handy to make accurate grid. Waveform for me is fine: Three colors for high mid low. Visual aid for breaks. I heard that DenonDJ chose the “white green blue” for DJ’s that are slightly colorblind. The normal red yellow green could be problematic.

But yes, why not make it a choice in the settings! Everyone happy!:+1:t2:


Hey Reese, nice to get a reaction here.What about the “washy” waveforms? What do you think? What would you improve in both, soft -and hardware?


Same here, three colours is enough. I’ve seen multi color waveforms on dj software and it’s pants. I mean, wow it looks preeeetttty but tells you noting for certain that 3 colours doesn’t already tell you. After all, say we could have 64 colours waveforms … purple for violins, yellow for trumpets, green for woodwind, light teal for piano, dark cyan for xylophones etc… we’re not really gonna be able to make head nor tail of all that from a scrolling waveform whizzing past at the sort of zoomed in levels you’d need it to be, in order to pick out any of the colours and differentiate light purple from mauve or violet or light red from pink.

Three colours are fine and yeah keep away from using red please as flickering, flashing, scrolling moving red colour are the most likely colour to trigger those with photosensitive epilepsy. Not that I suffer from that but not everyone is so lucky


Ditto! I very much prefer the way Denon has done the waveform compared to the multi-colour options offered by others. The full multi-colour ones are so busy it’s hard to tell what’s going on in your tracks clearly (is that a vocal break, is that a melody break, etc, etc…). With the new Denon style I can eyeball the full track and know exact what is what quickly, and very accurately.


I agree. I’m still using monochrome waveforms in VDJ as the coloured ones are a mess and don’t actually seem to mean anything.


Bug report: With the search modification list open (open by magnifying glass) the underlaying tooltips are showing…

See image for example:

New Software Release: Engine Prime 1.1.1

I can’t help but disagree here.

Denon’s waveform colors are too similar for me to be able to tell the difference between frequencies. I LOVE RGB waveforms the other software uses. One of them even changes color based on whether or not you’re manipulating the knobs. For example, if I cut the high and mids out of a track, the waveform will be almost completely red, meaning only lows are being heard. I can also tell whether or not a song is bass-heavy, has a lot of mids, or is mostly highs just by looking at the waveform, and I can think on the fly of what songs go with what.


Everyone is entitled to an opinion or workflow. Some should be VJs instead. :sunglasses:

It could be a setting if DenonDJ would invest time in that development. Like I stated earlier.