Engine Prime Features Suggestion


Also ADD a Check Missing files & option to delete them from collection


What I would like is export playlist to tekst or HTML, so that you can make a printout.

  • Fix: Edited tags don’t save when track is playing in Engine player
  • Option to save the Key to ID3 tag (setting)
  • Add column for bitrate
  • Enable to change filename manually in Engine Prime
  • Convert/update filename from tags (with placeholder format string in settings)


And the option to have the first word of any tag ignored if the first word is “A” or “The” in searches and to have the search use the next letter after those “A” or “The”…to explain this a bit, If I’m searching under “T” for things like Tinie Tempah or Tina Turner, I can get to the TH… part of the results (on lots of programs) and I’ll then have to suffer scrolling through all those groups like The Beatles, The Cranberries, The Damned and all that. Also on the A letter artists - If I’m looking for “A flock of seagulls” or “A Taste Of Honey” or A Tribe Called Quest - I wanna find those under F for flock, T for Taste and T for Tribe and so on.


That Engine Prime realizes when a track has two different BPM Values, e. g. Main BPM 150 - Break BPM 130 and set the Beatgrid correct to each Beat Part or you can set the Start Point of the new BPM Range.


Yes I posted that suggestion in post #17. Personally i’m a very big fan of the option to remove 'The ’ (mind the space, otherwise Theresa is sorted under the R and Thelma under L :smiley:), because they are usually used together at random. The Beatles / Beatles, The Bee Gees / Bee Gees, etc…

Not a big fan of removing 'A ', because it usually is not exchanged in use with and without the article. And if you go down the road of ignoring 'A ’ than also 'An ’ should also be ignored. In this both cases wordwide users might have issues with other languages, for example in French with ‘A’ and in German with ‘An’. Also ‘An’ is a first name.

But on the other hand perhaps IF it gets implemented, they can make checkboxes as well for 'The ', 'A ’ and 'An '. Or perhaps a solution with custom user definable ignore arrays.

In any case, I hope that a solution will be found by development for sorting rules, at least for the equivalent with and without 'The '.


Did a little digging in the archive. This is the full equivalence list (for searching and for sorting) that we finally came up in the Numark forum back in the time the D2 was released and how it was implemented.

• À, Á, Â, Ã, Ä, Å, à, á, â, ã, ä, å are treated as A • Ç and ç are treated as C • È, É, Ê, Ë, è, é, ê, ë are treated as E • Ì, Í, Î, Ï, ì, í, î, ï are treated as I • Ò, Ó, Ô, Õ, Ö, Ø, ò, ó, ô, õ, ö, ø are treated as O • Ù, Ú, Û, Ü, ù, ú, û, ü are treated as U • ß is treated as S • ¢ £ € ¤ ¥ are treated as $ • © is treated as © • « » are treated as " • µ is treated as u • · is treated as . • ¡ is treated as ! • ¿ is treated as ? • Æ æ are treated as AE • Œ œ are treated as OE • Ð ð are treated as DH • Þ þ are treated as TH • ß is treated as SS • × is treated as * • ÷ is treated as /


What I found is that when you import a existing track into a crate, that the program doesn’t check if the track is already in the main collection, now i have the same track 2 or more times in the main collection. Also the option for to delete a track from disk would be useful.


if you search for a track and found it but have no clue in what crate/playlist it is in can be a pain. specially when you have a lot of crates/playlists. is it possible to have a keybordshortcut (shiftP) or any other command that makes sense , that brings up the location(s) of the song in a popup window?


My suggestion / wishlist of a few features.

  1. Data size of a crate / playlist so that you’ll know if there’s enough room on a device for export of a crate / playlist.
  2. Connection to the player’s from Engine via PC (similar to Rekordbox’s link feature) via Ethernet or USB. ( I understand they’re meant to be standalone, but the feature would be nice. :} )
  3. Collection Database check to ensure all files are available and intact, as well as a duplicate file check. ( Similar to Traktor’s consistency check )
  4. Record feature for analog media (vinyl, tape, etc…) conversion to digital files within the application.


I’m still waiting for the units to be available here but I would desperatly love the ability to drop songs directly from Engine Prime to a player I hate having a laptop in my setup but when i’m djing weddings being able to add requests to a folder or crate during the night and drop them onto a player when appropriate is a god send


When clicking on a folder make the screen full size instead of keeping the folder branch on the side and giving you a small part of the screen to search! The screens are lovely so lets use them :slight_smile:


Add a column for the Release date of the Track and My Tag something similar to Rekordbox.


Another useful thing … you could make sure that: as with Engine you upload a Serato folder, that Engine could always make a dowload to Serato. What do you think?


Apologies if these have already been posted:

1A. Playlist folders (i.e. director/subdirectory hierarchy) 1B. A fix to correct the imported iTunes playlist situation–all contents within a playlist folder show up as individual playlists.

  1. Proper importing of “Date Added” data. Currently, when importing a track from iTunes the “Date Added” is either blank or is set to the date the track was imported to Engine vs. imported/purchased via iTunes (or manually edited in meta prior to importing to Engine).

  2. When navigating between the different browsing tabs (music, collection, etc.) the lists should maintain their last view. For example, I have a playlist set to ascending order for BPM under Music tab. I press the Crates tab to check something out and, after pressing the Music tab again, the list resorts to the default view versus the ascending order for BPM I had previously set it to.

  3. Fix latency/delay that occurs when removing a track from collection or playlist.

  4. Analysis lock function

  5. Have a Tool Tips user option that includes keyboard shortcuts to tool tips (not an essential request by any means)

  6. For Mac users, enable pinch/pull gesture for zoom in/zoom out of waveform.

  7. Add a function that will enable Engine to make me some coffee and/or a sammich.


I’d like to see and option for showall tracks which are in the same folder - invariably this means “from the same album” so it would be a great way of getting inspiration for alternatives to the main track that you’ve searched for.


That’s more of a mixer function really :-)))))

  • Improved first beat detection. I see this was already mentioned, but since it’s my biggest annoyance I’ll mention it again. BPM detection is on-point, but I often have to adjust the first beat (more so than with other software)
  • Metronome feature for setting beat grids
  • A way to import/export crates to the file system. I use a couple different computers. If I get a bunch of new tracks on one computer, it would be great to be able to set my beatgrids/loops/hot cues, then export the entire folder, and import onto my main DJ laptop later.

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Filename/tag renaming

Engine Prime needs flexible beat grids like Serato and Rekordbox have. It’s bad enough that Native Instruments (STILL!!!) have yet to implement this feature. Denon DJ shouldn’t follow suit. They also need to expand the maximum track limit. 10,000 tracks, while plenty for a lot of DJs, won’t work for open-format DJs that want to bring their entire library.