Engine Prime Feature Requests

I am anxiously awaiting my Prime 4 to arrive when the release date occurs here in the states. I have been using the Engine Prime software to prepare some tracks to get the feel of it. One thing that would be really nice, and something I had with Mixed in Key was when it analyzes tracks, it would automatically pick the 8 best guest hot cues. It generally did a great job and most of them didn’t have to be modified. I would love to see that integrated into the Engine Prime software.


It’s a MiK specialty. I doubt it will find it’s way into Engine Prime. Then again, you never know. Personally I have it switched off in MiK.

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I own it now - And it is the greatest console ever produced!

In my few tests and mixes ( this gear is only one week old ) I found some bugs or improvements for the player:

Here are some of my thoughts:

Functions to add at the DENON DJ Prime 4

  1. Software debugging (Improvements - If you switch from computer to Console, it could be that the hdd isnt found … you have to restart the console) (Sometimes the CUE Button Hangs (egg. if you press it - song doesnt stop but create cue points all the way - to stop that press slip mode on/off) (Turn off First CUE Point Set with CUE button when in Pause, if First CUE Point is already Set - Switchable over Utility) (CUE Allways brings you back to the last or first CUE Point (first press to the last / doublepress to the first)

  2. Realtime Clock with Date

  3. Ability to edit Starrating of tracks (Maybe in the Big Track info Screen)

  4. Cue Loops (Instantly Startin Loops by pressing) (Switchable at Utilities Screen)

  5. Deleting Tracks right from the device (Same Feature as moving to crates, just a recyclebin with securiy ask … Songs then moved to trashbin … from trashbin you could delet them final or remove them to crates again.)

  6. Mic Echo switchable from Echo to Reverb (Utility Screen) (Reverb is more useful for singers)

  7. Manual editing BPM (Maybe in special Edit mode by Tapping CUE or by Manual entering the BPM Value)

  8. Beatgrid Resize to transients (you can move beatgrid but not set it on transients (this could also change the bpm value if that is easier to implement )

  9. Moving crates out of subcrates without moving them to another subcrate :)))

  10. Multi File Select with Shift Pressed (Much better if you want to move big amount of files to crates)

  11. dont know if it works by hardwaredesign, but if sweep fx is off … the sweep fx poti is used for fx1 or 2 to blend in)

  12. Multiple Use of Storage (eg. You play from internal HD - if you choose usb you can also play from usb without turn off HDD)

  13. Copy files from USB Stick to HDD

  14. Screensaver (If you dont use device for xy minutes - screen turns of or plays animation (maybe an mp4 videofile from the dj)

  15. And if you implement the mp4 screensaver (in utilitys please add mp4 mediaplayer as well (its nice if you sit in hotelroom)

  16. Cuepoint / Loop Editor (To change colors)

  17. Little Fade or Automix for Zone Out (that pauses in the songs are terrible)

  18. Tag Editor (Stars - Tags - BPM - Filename - Artist - Artwork (artwork from usb stick)

  19. On the Fly Logochooser for MultiDJ (Maybe with an Logofolder)

  20. Skinning the Player (It looks like android … ugly but functional)

  21. Delete / Moving History Files (create crates or playlists from that … or simple delete them)

  22. File Play Counter (to generate Tops or Flops) (eg. Most Played tracks to the top) - can be implemented in history folder

  23. If a track has no artwork ( Use an default artwork file (looks better on screen than the grey ring of nothing )


I’ll agree with most of these… actually all of these.

I’m just putting my evaluation together after a month with it and I’ve pretty much spotted all of your points. The mic echo to reverb was one of my initial points before the unit was even released. Reverb is much better for vocals.

To add to this. Most of this list should be Prime general not Prime4 specific. :wink:


Hi @DJDark

I don’t find any post requesting to be able to add Fx1 and Fx2 to a channel at the same time. Don’t you agree it should add value.

Although overloading with FXs doesn’t usually work with the crowds, at least to have the ability to stack them wisely would be great.

I come from Traktor world where you can have up to 4 Fx per channel at the same time, and you can have a different “sweep effect” in one channel to another not like in Prime or Pioneer where you first choose the “sweep FX” and then you select in which channel you’ll apply it. I can live with this, Prime solution to me is the best, but at least allowing FX1+2 would help creating som nice combos.

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You need to do a better search. :grimacing: