Engine Prime Feature Request

I would love to see the ability when analyzing a track for it to best guess pick the auto cues for the 8 slots like Mixed in Key does. It is very handy as it did a great job and most of the time, didn’t need to be modified.


+1 for this option

StickyFusion, personnely I never liked that feature of MIK, but I understand how some might like it. What I’d really like to see is:

  • HOT KEYS for beat grids. (x) to drop a new marker, cmd/alt +/- for bpm ect.

  • Midi for beat grids, playlist and organization. Some of use like to use a small midi controller to set the buttons in one place. Load, adjust, cues, move.

  • Hot key to drop a new beat marker with the Prime 4 / SC5000. It does have beat grid shift, but no marker drop or bpm adjustment. Maybe add it with a shift/edit key combo

  • TAGS - I’m not sure how this was overlooked? Luckily, I’ve used the composer field, but tagging like in Rekordbox would be great.

  • Analyzed Notation - Some way to note if Denon has already analyzed the track.

  • Relocated Lost Files - we’ve all accidentally moved files. Maybe some feature like Serato that allows us to copy, move or relocate.

  • Move Database Option - an option to move a data base from one drive to another without loosing everything.

Prime is a good start and I’m excited to see the changes in the near future.

Thanks Guys.


+1 for this option.

Use the feature request thread. Split each item up into appropriate categories eg Engine Prime, Prime 4 etc

Likely that this post will not be seen before it gets lost.

All solid requests by the way

Some have already been requested as listed below. You can just like the first post in each thread and add comments as well. :mechanical_arm:

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If you do a clone of your drive using a tool like carboncopy cloner the drive is usable with prime hardware.

Enable grids in the columns in Engine Prime. Any track that has a dot is already analysed. :face_with_monocle:

Looks like a similar idea to yours. But it’s not in the feature request area. You can start a feature request for yours here.

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We need a rubber-stamp to say this !!!