Engine Prime does not startup


I reinstalled my whole Windows 10 PC and had to install Engine Prime v 1.3.1 as well. It was working for one time when I copied all my music to use it on my SC5000 :smile:

Last time I was trying to open it, it doesn’t react anymore.

In the task manger I see the “Engine Prime.exe” for a short moment but it ends after a moment.

I was taking a look into the Logs:

i305: Verified acquired payload: payF563F068F243F14
i305: Verified acquired payload: payF801CD1E8A124D4
i305: Verified acquired payload: payFACEB6CDACD73C7
i305: Verified acquired payload: payFEF6D8EEF852256
i323: Registering package dependency provider: {F30
i301: Applying execute package: EnginePrimeApplicat
i319: Applied execute package: EnginePrimeApplicati
i325: Registering dependency: {c98b398f-e521-41ff-a
i301: Applying execute package: VC_redist_2013.x64.
i319: Applied execute package: VC_redist_2013.x64.e
i301: Applying execute package: VC_redist_2015.x64.
i319: Applied execute package: VC_redist_2015.x64.e
i301: Applying execute package: Microsoft_DirectX, 
i319: Applied execute package: Microsoft_DirectX, r
i399: Apply complete, result: 0x0, restart: None, b
i500: Shutting down, exit code: 0x0
i410: Variable: DelayStart = 1000
i410: Variable: EulaAcceptCheckbox = 1
i410: Variable: VersionNT =
i410: Variable: VersionNT64 =
i410: Variable: WixBundleAction = 4
i410: Variable: WixBundleElevated = 1
i410: Variable: WixBundleInstalled = 0
i410: Variable: WixBundleLog = C:\Users\XXX\AppData
i410: Variable: WixBundleLog_EnginePrimeApplication
i410: Variable: WixBundleLog_Microsoft_DirectX = C:
i410: Variable: WixBundleLog_VC_redist_2013.x64.exe
i410: Variable: WixBundleLog_VC_redist_2015.x64.exe
i410: Variable: WixBundleManufacturer = AIR Music T
i410: Variable: WixBundleName = Engine Prime
i410: Variable: WixBundleOriginalSource = C:\Users\
i410: Variable: WixBundleOriginalSourceFolder = C:\
i410: Variable: WixBundleProviderKey = {c98b398f-e5
i410: Variable: WixBundleRollbackLog_EnginePrimeApp
i410: Variable: WixBundleTag = 
i410: Variable: WixBundleVersion =
i007: Exit code: 0x0, restarting: No

But I can not see something obvious.

I was reinstalling and repairing the software with no success.

Can anyone give me a hint what it could be?

Thanks & Regards