ENGINE PRIME, does not calculate BPM correctly

I have noticed that in my music library, the BPM is not being calculated correctly, mainly with the tracks that have some vocal intro, the incredible thing is that it is with tracks that have beat, as in reggaeton.

This is a problem because when you analyze a new playlist you must review each of the tracks manually because you cannot trust the ENGINE PRIME. The incredible thing is that these same themes are analyzed with other programs (SERATO, VIRTUAL DJ or REKORDBOX) and they perfectly calculate the BPM.

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This is a known issue, trust me, I feel your pain on this one - a good percentage of tracks in my collection have had to be manually reviewed due to the inaccuracies of the detection algorithm.

The latest 1.3.2 release of the Prime 4 firmware has a workaround included that uses the ID3 BPM tag as a guide if its present.

We hope this makes it into the next EP software update. Denon DJ have also mentioned that the detection algorithm itself is something they are continuing to work on.

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It better make it into the next update.

I wish people would Search the forum before claiming to have made a new discovery

On the other hand, if people did that, saw the issue already was reported, maybe they wouldnt ‘chime in’ and therefor it maybe wouldnt be counted at such a big issue…

The more people that tell what they discover/ see as a issue, the faster we other users can point them at a feature request to like, or recommend them to create one.

And at the same time, Denon can see yet another person that find it troubleing with the BPM issue.

(We simply just need to be able to shrink/ expand the grid on the players to correct these faulty bpm issues on the fly until they have a better algorithm… (IMO))


Well that’s certainly one opinion.

The best action maybes, taking in your paragraphs and my sentence is that when people search, if they find an existing post about what they had “discovered” then they add their comment or “like” to the existing thread, which denon is probably already counting likes or replies to.

As it’s already happened maybe a topic merge by a mod would be best.

I agree with the:

…but alot of times, people are just way to fast in their own heads… including me.

And if its a new member, they might find it easier to just post their discovery, as they dont really know how the forum works yet.

Kinda like the people running out, buying a P4 and make a post where they “#¤!”#! over that it wont connect with Serato :wink:

Overall I agree with you, but on the other hand, rather 1 post to much.

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A few current threads all relating to BPM

There is actually no Feature Request for Improved BPM detection for EP (though I’m aware that Denon knows this already) so I started one here


If the next firmwares and or engine comes out with only change in it, I hope it’s the bpm detection.

I dot. Bother playing drum and bass anymore so the triples thing doesn’t bother me, but I’m not the only user so …

And I don’t care what the bpm says in screen or gets calculated at, not for any mixing reasons. However I do care about bpm calculations because I want more accurate loops and you don’t get precise loops without precise bpm calculated

the bpm analysis is challenging HOWEVER the more they are wrong, the more it is making me learn how to adjust them manually instead of just matching the numbers when mix…

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That’s great.

But does it not mess up your library sorting

Eg you pack some tracks into a crate and sort by BPM like I do for a set.

Imagine a 63bpm song with a wrong Bpm turning up in your 90bpm sort.

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This is the most important part of a music preparation tool, yet it’s the part that I hate most about EP. We rely on EP to get the bpm correct, but sadly it gets it wrong a lot of the time. And then there isn’t even a way to edit the grids on any of the prime gear - really backwards thinking!!