Engine Prime Crashes When Refreshing iTunes or Serato Libraries

MacOS 10.14.3 Engine 1.2.3 Serato 2.1.1 iTunes

Engine Prime keeps crashing when attempting to load either the itunes or serato libraries after hitting the refresh button. looking at the activity window i can see that it imports the track and the crash usually happens at some point after it imports artwork from itunes or tags from serato. after the crash the app crashes again immediately after launching it. the only way to open the app again is to delete the database files resulting blank database. if i quit the artwork import from iTunes or Tag import from serato, i do end up with the songs in the database albeit without artwork(not a big deal for me) or cue points(definitely a big deal!)

any help would be greatly appreciate it. let me know if i should upload crash reports.


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Hi Zero,

Sorry to hear you are experiencing this. Please contact out customer support team who will be more than happy to assist you: https://www.denondj.com/support

Regards, J

I don’t see engine prime listen under technical support. Should I select the SC5000 or maybe go to Software Authorization to start a ticket?

Yes software is the best option, thank you

Is that not what the forum is for? I’d be interested in the answer to thia as I’m having the same problems. I have ordered a Prime 4 but have now put it on hold until I get answers.

hi @Djgeezer14, the forum is a central place for users to exchange information, ideas and yes also to help trouble shoot. In some cases though, like this one, the problem needs to be escalated to our support team.

I have also made the dev team aware of this issue and have asked if there is anything they can suggest to help.

Thanks J

I have not been able to submit a ticket because there is a bug in the support page. I select software authorization and fill in all the field and click submit. then I get an error saying the “Product Serial Number is Missing” at the top of the page in red. problem is there is not place to enter a serial and we don’t receive serial numbers for Engine Prime to begin with. what now?

Hi @Zero,

Thanks for pointing out that roadblock with the support system. We’ll have that addressed soon.

In the meantime, could you upload your crash log to this thread so I can forward to the appropriate team member?

Thanks for your help!

how do I post a crash report here? there is a 15,000 character limit and the crash report has over 200,000! I’m getting this error - “is limited to 15000 characters; you entered 244224.”

hopefully this upload works. this is after an iTunes library refresh in engine. I’ll try to upload one for Serato later. Engine Prime_2019-03-18-153308_Juans-iMac-Pro.crash (237.3 KB)

Hey @Zero,

Thank you for uploading the crash log. I will send this over to development for investigation.

I’ll let you know what they find.

has there been any progress on this? currently, I am completely unable to use Engine Prime software on the desktop. the other day I spend 4 hours prepping music only to have it all destroyed the next time I launched the Engine Prime software. the software goes into a perpetual crash loop that is only fixed by deleting the library files, wiping out any prep I do. that makes the SC5000 almost unusable as I can not properly prep files. I’m a multi genre DJ and most often than not, Engine Prime gets the bpm wrong. I’m not able to easily correct this on the players, unless its half/double or if it needs a simple slip left or right, because we can’t manually type in a bpm. additionally, I can set cue points but can change the color or named them on the players. again, a critical oversight. What good are these amazing players if the software is unstable and lacking features? I purchased these in December and here we are in April and there have yet to be any updates to either firmware or software to fix this. I know there is an impending update but we have all been waiting for a long while. its time Denon becomes more transparent on roadmap to get this ecosystem working reliably. Please Help!

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Hey Zero,

The team is working on the latest 1.3.1 release at the moment which requires the attention of all developers. The issue you’re experiencing may have already been resolved in 1.3.1 so, if you’re interested in testing a Beta build please DM me and I’ll get you setup. Thanks!

Where can we find the 1.3.0 release? I am still on 1.2.2

I think everyone is on 1.2.2 or 1.2.3 on Mac. 1.3.0 must not have been a public release. build numbers change all the time prior to public release.

Im ready for 2.0

I’m still waiting for any sort of help. I’m starting to have some serious buyers remorse over here.

Do you DM @JWiLL for the beta?

Feel free to add me for the Beta too btw…

I did send him a PM. They offered to Skype to troubleshoot before they added me to the beta and I reached out for an appointment but haven’t heard back since.

Hey man, apologies for the delay. Just sent you DM. Talk soon.

At this time we aren’t accepting more Beta applications until we finalize the 1.3.1 release. Once released publicly, we will be looking for more qualified candidates to help with the next release. We will make a post in the general forum outlining the new process. Thanks!