Engine prime continuous play button

Hi Guys, Does anyone know how or where the “continuous play button” is on the software? so that i can play tracks continuously on my PC?

Why would you need that? This software is not meant to be a playback program.

Don’t think it does that.

I agree, it’s a librarian program, not for casual listening playback.

On the other hand, after just taking a look at EP because of the above post, it is a little strange…

Each EP deck has a previous track and next track button - but you cannot load more than one track.

I tried selecting several tracks in the browser and dragging. I tried dragging a crate. I tried dragging a playlist. EP would not permit me to load more than one track at a time.

So why the prev/next track buttons? [shrug]

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Sums up Engine Prime pretty much TBH

I had to completely rebuild my MCX8000 drive after it went tits on me a few days ago whilst adding some new songs. Totally unstable and unfathomable unfortunately.

I’ve got a completely separate backup on an external drive in case it screws up again, which it inevatibly will.

Serato and Rekordbox software does… i need that for listening to tracks without having to drag and drop every single track.

Anyway that’s cool…if it doesn’t, it doesn’t…

Yes DJ software does, but not librarian software.

You’ll find Traktor does too, and VirtualDJ.

You could start a feature request, probably an oversight during development.

Because if you are inside a playlist or crate you can press the icons or the “CTRL + UP” or “CTRL + DN” keys to play the previous or next track, exactly as you can do with the keys on the console with Engine OS .

ok, but not continuously.

Yes, of course, it lacks a “continuous play” feature as is present in Engine OS.

I just answered PK’s question asking what was the purpose of those two buttons in Engine Prime readers.