Engine Prime can be installed/updated via Homebrew

If you are a tech-savy user you can now easily install/update Engine Prime on MacOS now via brew cask install engine-prime

Homebrew is a package manager for MacOS for all kinds of applications. https://brew.sh/

Am I missing something here? Why would we use home-brew, and not just use the install file?


I’m guessing similar reason as the good folks here who don’t want BPM, waveforms, sync etc on any DJ player.

You are not a proper computer user if you can’t install via codes :joy:


How very interesting! I wonder what Air Music Technology based out of Germany have to do with the development of EP? I thought Denon had a new team based out of New Zealand now for EP? Hmmmm!! :slight_smile:

Man I read this and thought for a hot second we could install homebrew stuff on the prime players. Oh man that would be awesome

Why do it in any way other than how the genuine instructions suggest?