Engine Prime and X1800

Is it possible to conect my MacBook to the x1800 and the MC5000 so I can “read” from my Mac and play ? (I do that on my Serato setup)

Yes, you can plug a USB lead from Mac to one of the USB sockets on the top panel of the X1800 to feed music to the X1800, using the X1800 as a sound card for whatever playout software you wanted to use on the Mac. There would be no control of that music using the SC5000s though, at this stage.

Soon the SC5000 will offer controller mode support via a forthcoming firmware update, which some of the Dj Software companies have taken a keen interest in, adjusting future versions of their software to work with the SC5000.


Just not with Engine Prime. Because it’s not a DJ software. Also no link option for players (yet).