Engine Prime and Chrome OS / Chromebooks


Since Chrome OS becomes more populair I was wondering if Denon is looking into a way to support Engine in Chrome OS. New Chromebooks / Chromebox support Linux, Play store Android apps and of course web apps, so there are different options. Of course I understand that the first choice is Windows and Mac for this moment, but I was wondering if Chrome OS is concidered for the future

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Good question. I could be way off here, but I kind of think that the first ‘digital dj-focused’ product or company or software, etc. that opens up the possibilities of (realistically and pragmatically) using Chrome OS will quickly acquire some respectable share of the dj market. Though I doubt X Development LLC has people working around the clock on quantum beatgrids and creating an indestructible cue button, I wouldn’t be shocked if someone similar got in the game.



Hi @mattpositive, thanks for this question! We recognize that technology is ever-changing, and all of our personal DJ solutions/set ups are as well. Right now, MacOS and Windows are still used by the majority of DJs, but anything is possible and we’ll always keeping an eye open for what the market wants/needs!



One more reason to create a linux friendly version or wine library for Engine. :-p

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Technically @addie should get credit for this question…I’m just into next level visionaryism / wild ungrounded speculation. :rocket: :slight_smile:



Haha thanks mattpositive.

In reply to @Nekoro_DenonDJ (and also thanks for the reply):

Right now, MacOS and Windows are still used by the majority of DJs

Currently the majority of DJs also use Pioneer, but that is also no reason for Denon not to come up with something innovative :wink: I like it when a company thinks in solutions, like Denon does with the Prime series, instead of thinkng in fixed patterns,

On top of that you could also say DJ’s use Windows/Mac because that’s their current option. The chapter ‘Audio’ is actually the only reason to keep the Mac next to Chrome OS at the moment for me personally, because there are no real/good DJ solutions yet

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