Engine Prime analyze (Pitch) Problem

When I run some of the music inside the software, it automatically changes their notes. When outside the software with programs Similar iTunes software Everything is done correctly, I uploaded a sample of this Mp3 here, you can try it.

Link : https://www36.zippyshare.com/v/qfaBqvve/file.html

What key do you see within Engine Prime for that track and what key were you expecting to see?

I’m wondering initially whether it’s just the key “notation” which you’re seeing in a different format.

Engine Prime can be set to show the key for all the tracks in one of four different musical notations:

  • Sharps
  • Flats
  • Open Key
  • Camelot

Every user can change that display setting within Engine Prime, to show keys in the users preferred format.

To do this, if this is the problem you’re describing, then in Engine Prime, click on the Settings Icon (green cog / gear wheel in top right corner), click on [Library] tab, then choose on of the four options for “Key Notation” - hope that helps.

Thank you for your answer, but the issues that you explained in the software settings are for showing the states key only. The problem with this is that this program (Engine Prime) automatically changes the sound( Scale), I have to show Gm about this piece of music in the above post, not only shows a mistake, it also creates a change in the scale and the voice of the singers, something Similar to Transpose.

What key do you see within Engine Prime for that track and what key were you expecting to see?

Are you using the key lock feature? Have you got the pitch control at 0.0%?

The key lock is off I see A# in Engine Prime

Engine Prime will update the key display on-screen as the pitch is changed.

eg: A song which is displaying its key as D# when the pitch is at 0.0% will update to D when the pitch is dropped to around -3.2% and then rise to E when the pitch is set above +3%.

This is normal, expected behaviour.

The problem is that before I make changes to the software, it automatically changes the music, but everything is normal outside of the software. Did you test the mp3 sample? ( in the first post) Once I have this problem the pitch is at 0.0%

This track is showing as:

  • 6B in Camelot notation
  • 11D in Open Key Notation
  • 8b in Flats notation
  • A# in Sharps notation

Playback is normal (although I dont know the track) . Music duration is 2 minutes and 17 Seconds

What’s about BPM ?

With the pitch at 0.0%, I’m seeing 136.0 BPM

As I say, I don’t know the track, so if you feel that it’s not playing normal, I’d suggest that you re-encode the track as the sample rate data (in the files metatag data) might be “off”.

I saw this problem in several cases. You once play it with this software ( Engine Prime) and once with a normal music player(itunes, media player), you will feel the difference in the scale, the actual bpm of the song is 125, but the software identifies 136.072

Then certainly the re-sample idea should be applied to those tracks to cure them.

Is there any common source for those files? eg: All obtained from a particular on-line music store? all from a particular other source?

I worked professionally with Tractor and Rekordbox, I bought this devices ( sc 5000 & x1800) for almost 1 month and I was moving the songs and playlist that I saw, songs from different stores and downloaded from different sites