Engine prime 2.0 - beatgrid


I know so many topics around hoping for better beat grids… dear Denon, you always promised the new Generation of engine Prime is just around the Corner, and we are all hoping for better beat grid analysis. Please can you tell us finally at least, when is the new Engine Update finally coming?



Can you tell us when corona stops stopping daily life? It might be that we’d have had a firmware release by now if this crazy virus wasn’t keeping our streets and plazas whisper quiet.

Even my favourite local disco shop hasn’t been open for a month


I think every bodies timescales have gone wild in the last few weeks.

Thats quite a trip, going to your local favourite disco shop, considering you are from Norway :thinking:

But yes, things are taking a bit longer these days - anyhow they have changed from ‘soon’ to ‘just around the corner’ so I bet we will see something reel… soon…


“only a gnats whisker away …”

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Looks like the cat is out of the bag now. Maybe I was right all along…

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Yes. My daytime job has taken me through 5 countries in the last 4 years alone. In 2018 when I joined this forum I was in Norway. I’d like to say that it’s my DJing pulls me around the world, but I’m not on that level yet lol.

Great with a job that lets you see the world.

While I´m at it, I would like to salute you!

In the past - you have talked very bad to people who have had a different opinion than you and who have been critical of Denon - but I am glad you have become more receptive to why people have been critical. (you still got a sharp tongue)

And even you have made some critical posts lately.

Because it is those who help create an even better product. Even though they can seem harsh sometimes. And we need this to be the best possible product. People invest alot of money in their equipment, so surely they want the most out of it.

Yes we need to be constructive at the same time, but when people gets crazy/ mad/ frustrated, they sometimes forget being constructive…So we have to have that in mind, reading posts.

But thanks for being more openminded most of the times.

Well, back on track…Seeing that JWill changed his usual “soon” to “just around the corner”, I believe its really close this time! Seing the latest updates they have launched, my faith is getting restored in this great “old” brand!

(And just for the record: The above was written in any positive way possible - nothing negative)

Hey Guys. Of Course I mean my topic as well not in a negative way. I am fully aware that In These times a version update is not a big priority for the world. I would hoping to have a work which is helpfully in these times… but right now I have time to restructure my music collection. And now I feel more urgent need for an prime update. … but to stay positive : I love my prime set. And as well the Denon Sound.


Just to bring you up to speed… Denon never says when they launch a thing. They have for a long time said ‘soon’ regarding different updates, but JWiLL changed this statement like a week ago, to ‘just around the corner’ regarding the BPM thingy… So I believe we are getting there in not such a long time :blush:

And yes, this Corona gives us a bit more time on our hands :pensive:

in a way it wouldn’t be bad if they can launch a beta version soon. i bet most of us are at home not able to do gigs, and it probably wont change soon. so lots of beta testers available to find the little problems that probably pop up.

Anyway stay safe all.


Needs a better algorithm like rekordbox … I’m having problem when analyze songs 125 or 127 bpm always is wrong… where are the developers ???

You need to do a forum search and get yourself up to speed on this before 50 or more souls exoterically and virtually beat you over the head with a corona virus leaflet and the last 3 years of forum requests and more importantly the last few months of denons replies

Bla bla bla I’m customer that spend a couple dollars In a 2020 denon product and I’m having many issues


New Zealand


Guys I have recently see that every question from someone about firmware is getting mocked by users. I think it is not a correct way to do. We get an info from denon that upgrade is around the corner - so we waited. Now i think it is two month later. So how long is this corner ??? We can ask and it is nothing to mock about or “protect” Denon.

Also my two cents to Denon After rekordbox 6 new policy I have watched many youtube videos about it, and guess what on every video there was a couple comments like that: Denon is better, is the future but … the software is no match for rb so I will go with Pionner. So maybe long awaited features should be somewhat implemented ??

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Mike, I use Denon SC5000 since they are on the market. Switched from Pioneer Nexus system. Rekordbox for me was only a playlist management tool, so is Engine Prime. With it’s limitations somehow I am able to work with it and play every set I wanted without any problems for 3 years now, and still it goes good. Not covering here any problems with Engine, but as a Playlist management software - Engine does it’s job. So far only biggest issues with Engine Prime I noticed were all user errors and laziness in keeping their files organised from the folder structure even.

New stuff will eventually be implemented. Better wait and have a decent program, than have it rushed and not completely tested and buggy.

It was 40 days ago.

But we should remember that 40 days ago was before the lockdown was forced upon companies and DJs.

Hey NoiseRiser in first part of comment I was refering to Engine Os on players and its improvements. This what is hurts me and I think most of people. For me BPM not as much but commenting tracks and changing hot cue colors etc on players will nearly remove engine on Pc in my workflow and it would be great.

Second part was about what people was saying and it is preety straight that they will compare it to rb.

Engine OS is good enough to play a good set. Color and name changing on Hot cues from the player - this is a extra feature - not needed to play better. Yes, it will eliminate one of many steps from computer workflow, but not a major thing to implement. BPM analysis is improving and will be better. For now - most of the tracks is analysed in a very good way. Remember to adjust the BPM range for analysis in the players utility. Commenting tracks? Not really a very needed option to play a good set. I cam here directly from Nexus / Nexus 2 setup. I sold my Pioneer gear and invested my own money in Prime system. Not going to defend it if it is not working for me. So far, the players are good, even way better than anything that is on the market. With some of the Engine OS small issues - I can live with that. I am not lazy and I can adapt to any dj gear there is. No need to force improvement on the already good system, just let’s wait and for sure we will eventually get what we want. Pioneer on the other hand is totally not listening to the users. They just give people something, and never ask if they like it, or what to make better. We are here on a totally different level since Denon directly talks with us, and asks our opinion. This is the kind of support I would expect from a PRO company.

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Just a handful of users mock mate and you can easily spot them :wink:

Most folks here are waiting on the official updates just like you to address many of the feature requests.

Most folks here are helpful.

Most folks here are nice.

The official updates are coming and it’s going to be excellent.

Most updates will bring bug fixes and also implement some feature requests

Been here from day 1 and I’ve learnt to ignore and not engage.