Engine Prime 1.6.x Crash issues turns out it's major memory leak bug?

Ref to Engine Prime 1.6 Crashes Analyzing Mass Files!? Crashing issues.

After digging in the Mac Terminal, it looks like Engine Prime 1.6.x has a serious memory leak bug while importing and analyzing tracks. I used the HTOP command under Home Brew and found that EP ■■■■■ all the memory down to zero then crashes, aka quits without any error or warning.

The temporary workaround I added a root purge command to ‘Launchd’ automation which runs every 60 seconds. Unfortunately, this only works for each import and often requires a restart of EP for every import session.

In a nutshell, Denon needs to either fix the memory leak bug or start from the ground up - But knowing how slow they are to implement any fixes or new features, I’m guessing we are stuck with this pretty poor application.

It’s a shame as it shows some real potential if they can get the basics working first.

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Slow doesn’t mean “not working on it in the background”. So, we’re not “stuck” with anything.

I beg to differ. We’ve been stuck with the shoddy programming of Engine since it came out, always needing workarounds or some entrepreneurial person’s side app to fix the fundamentals. Denon may well be working on it “in the background” but being quite a few years on I had hoped some of the basic programming foibles would’ve been addressed by now.


A quick flick through the last few Engine Prime update posts does indeed mention “misc bug fixes” so it seems they’re working on those too.

No software is bug free or gets every bug fixed in one go… as I keep getting reminded when I try to shut down my windows pc and it tells me it’ll shut down after the multitude of updates are processed lol

Guys you really need to start again there are so many issues with Engine Prime, it should be put back into alpha release, also why are there no regular updates? Working in the background doesn’t butter no parsnips.

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